Lighten Your Load with the Pitaka MagEZ Card Sleeve

When Apple introduced the iPhone 12, they also introduced their new MagSafe charging system and the new iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe. Pitaka offers something similar, the Pitaka MagEZ Card Sleeve, as part of their MagEZ line of cases. And while it only works with Pitaka’s cases, it does the same job but for half the price.

Lighten Your Load with the Pitaka MagEZ Card Sleeve

Pitaka’s MagEZ Card Sleeve is small, simple but gets the job done.

Lighten Your Load with the Pitaka MagEZ Card Sleeve

Apple’s overpriced offering

As you might expect, Apple’s offering is overpriced at a ridiculous MSRP of $59.00. That’s insane for a small piece of leather and a bit of MagSafe-compatible metal.

Lighten Your Load with the Pitaka MagEZ Card Sleeve

Sure, Apple’s offering is 100% leather, while Pitaka’s is made from synthetic leather, aka soft-touch TPU that looks and feels like the real thing. Honestly, unless you INSIST on real leather, Pitaka’s sleeve will work just fine if you are already using one of Pitaka’s MagEZ cases.

Here’s our video look:

An Ultra-Slim, Minimalist Design: The magnetic phone wallet is precision cut with only a single seam. Its ultra-thin design allows you to hold your phone comfortably, even when it’s attached.

Lighten Your Load with the Pitaka MagEZ Card Sleeve

The MagEZ Card Sleeve has two slots and can hold two cards, such as a license, your medical insurance card, or a credit card. Alternatively, it can be used to hold four business cards. That’s not a lot of space, but if you are already using Apple Pay, you probably don’t need to carry all your credit cards, so it might be enough. As Pitaka puts it:

Perfect for professionals, easily access your business cards during a meeting. Simply attach the sleek card wallet to your MagEZ smartphone case to conveniently access your cards when you’re on the go.

To use the card sleeve, all you need to do is place it near the back of your Pitaka-protected case.

Attach the magnetic phone case wallet to your MagEZ Case to conveniently carry and access business cards or credit cards. Strong magnets allow the card sleeve to connect seamlessly to the phone case, ensuring the card wallet stays safely and securely attached. The card slot holds up to two bank cards or four business cards while ensuring an ultra-thin design.

In the FAQ section of the product page, Pitaka warns that the magnets used to hold the MagSleeve to the iPhone case are strong enough to demagnetize credit cards and hotel doors cards. It is for that reason I only recommend using this accessory if your credit cards are stored in Apple Pay. That, in turn, leaves the card sleeve ready for a driver’s license and insurance card.

They also note that the MagEZ Card Sleeve is not compatible with the MagEZ Wallet or MagEZ Wallet UE. Additionally, they note that while the MagEZ Card Sleeve may work with other magnetic phone cases, it was specifically designed for their MagEZ Cases. Other cases may not have a strong enough magnetic connection or may not align properly. And finally, Pitaka notes that the MagEZ Card Sleeve needs to be removed before using the iPhone’s Qi wireless charging functionality.

Lighten Your Load with the Pitaka MagEZ Card Sleeve

I don’t see myself using the MagEZ Card Sleeve all the time. I need to carry more than it holds. They will, however, be times when I want to travel light. When I do, the MagEZ Card Sleeve will come in handy. And at under $30, I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to pick one up when you order a Pirtaka MagEZ Case for your new phone.

The Pitaka MagEZ Card Sleeve sells for $28.99; it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the MagEX Card Sleeve

What I Like: Almost half the price of Apple’s card sleeve; Attached firmly to the back of Pitaka’s MagEZ cases; Well-made

What Needs Improvement: Made from synthetic material; Holds only a few cards and may not be enough for many people; Only promises compatibility with Pitaka’s MagEX cases

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