Incipio Highland for iPhone 6 Plus

If you have been looking for a folio-style case for your iPhone 6 Plus that protects the entire phone and doubles as a landscape viewing stand, the Incipio Highland for iPhone 6 Plus may be the case for you. At under $40 it is a relatively inexpensive way to protect your pricey pocket computer.

Incipio Highland for iPhone 6 Plus

The phone itself is protected by a “rigid Plexitonium Polycarbonate frame” that grabs hold of the iPhone like a champ. In fact, the case holds the phone so well that I almost broke a nail when trying to get the phone out of it.


From Incipio:

Incipio’s Highland Case is a sophisticated folio with a sturdy, premium textile front cover and a sleek brushed aluminum style finish. The folio’s cover includes an interior slot to store your credit card or ID, and converts into kickstand mode for hands-free media viewing. Whether at the office or traveling on-the-go, the Highland Case is the perfect blend of premium and lightweight folio protection.


The case’s cover is rigid and wrapped in a “sleek brushed-aluminum finished” cloth. It isn’t metal, but it does have a bit of that appearance to it.


The slots inside the case let you carry a couple of credit cards. If you do, however, I would highly recommend you use a glass screen protector since the cards will come into contact with the screen when the case is closed. The cover also doubles as a stand although I found it to do a mediocre job of holding the phone in place unless the angle is “just right.”

Video Review of the Incipio Highland for iPhone 6 Plus


Features of the Incipio Highland for iPhone 6 Plus:
  • Rigid textile cover provides full protection and a refined look and feel
  • Hard shell snap-on back with a premium brushed aluminum style finish
  • Hands-free viewing mode for a comfortable media streaming experience
  • Interior slot on the cover provides convenient credit card or ID storage

And if you don’t like the white and gray version I have here you are in luck… There are four other color combinations available.

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The Incipio Highland for iPhone 6 Plus is a great way to get complete protection for your iPhone phablet. And while the protective shell isn’t all that thick, it will keep your iPhone from getting scratched and is strong enough to protect it from minor drops and bumps. In other words, while this isn’t a rugged case, it is certainly better than not having one at all. If you like having your iPhone’s screen protected whenever the phone is not being used, then it is worth taking a few minutes to check it out by clicking here.


Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Incipio Highland for iPhone 6 Plus

What I Like: Covers and protects the phone’s body and the screen; Cover flips all the way around so it doesn’t get in the way of using the phone; Available in five color combinations; Cover also functions as a stand

What Needs Improvement: VERY difficult to get the phone out of the case; Stand functionality is not fully stable

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