Alcohoot Puts Police Grade Breathalyzer Technology in Your Hand

It is a simple formula… or should be… if you are going out for the night and planning to drink you shouldn’t drive. It isn’t just about avoiding a ticket or jail time, it is about keeping yourself and other safe. That’s where the Alcohoot can come in handy. It, “puts the power of police grade technology in your hand.”

With a season full of holiday parties on the way, there’s no better time to become more aware of the impact that drinking, even a seemingly small amount, of booze can have.


Using the device is as simple as downloading a free app, plugging the device into the headphone jack, and blowing. It is that easy.

Inside the package you get the device itself, a USB-to-3.5mm charging cable and a number of mouthpieces so multiple people don’t need to share the same one.

As the product page explains,

Alcohoot is an easy, accurate tool to help you track your body’s reaction to alcohol and become a smarter drinker. It uses an FDA-registered fuel cell sensor, the same technology used by police and military devices. Plug it right into your headphone jack, and you’re ready to go. Learn your drinking habits, enhance your lifestyle.

Features of the Alcohoot app:

  • Actionable Data: The SmartLine and Morning Quiz use algorithms to provide actionable steps based on your drinking trends, so you can drink smarter next time.
  • Discover Personal Limits: It helps you discover your personal limits, giving you the confidence to make responsible decisions.
  • Empowers Enjoyment: It inspires you to make safe, educated decisions, empowering you to have fun whenever and wherever you enjoy a drink.

In addition to its core functionality (ie checking your Blood Alcohol level), the app lets you… Track your consumption and set your limits with the SmartLine take a Morning Quiz that will help you learn your trends and adjust your habits and, when need be, call a taxi with your choice of taxi application.



Here’s my video look and test of the Alcohoot:

Using the device was simple and, since I was filming with my iPhone 6 PLUS, I used my iPad instead. Clearly any iOS device will do. It worked well, properly read that there was no alcohol in my system before I had a drink, and clearly indicated the addition of alcohol once I had.


I was particularly struck by the fact that, after a few glasses of wine and some tequila I was still below the legal limit. I did a calculation using Progressive Insurance’s site and discovered that the device was 100% accurate.

And in the process I learned that the warning flashed on my iPhone’s screen when I first launched the app is completely accurate. It stated:


Yes, were I driving and stopped by police at that point I would have been free and clear from legal issues. At the same time, I don’t think I should have been behind the wheel at that point. So legal limits aside, the small print when you first fire up the app is accurate: If you are drinking the safest thing to do I have someone else drive.

That noted, the device works exactly as promised. The Alcohoot has an MSRP of $99.99. You can learn more here. You can order yours at a discount on Amazon.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Alcohoot

What I Like: Works as promised; Works with iOS and Android; Simple to use; Was accurate in my testing

What Needs Improvement: Pricey when you consider the best formula is, “If you drink, simply don’t drive”

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