Divoom Airbeat-10 Water-Resistant Bicycle and Shower Bluetooth Speaker

In an ever-more-crowded marketplace it is difficult for companies to make their small portable Bluetooth speakers stand out, but that doesn’t mean manufacturers aren’t trying to do just that. In the case of the Divoom Airbeat-10, they have pretty much succeeded. This isn’t an audiophile-grade speaker, but if you want your music on-the-go it is a great little option.


Divoom Airbeat-10

The speaker is small, brightly colored, and it puts out decent sound. Those are not, however the reasons you might want this inexpensive Bluetooth speaker.

No, the reasons you might opt for the Airbeat-10 are found in the fact that it:
  • Is weather-proof and water-resistant
  • Has surface-resonating bass
  • Includes a built-in microphone that is waterproof
  • Ships with a suction cup mount
  • Ships with a bike mount
  • Has a standard camera style threaded mount on the back for use with the included accessories or any other screw type mount

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As Divoom explains:

Splash-proof Airbeat-10 boasts a built-in microphone for wireless communication. For those without Bluetooth capability, a line-in option still allows them to utilize the Airbeat-10. In order to increase its portability, the Airbeat-10 comes replete with a custom suction cup, allowing users to stick their Airbeat-10 almost anywhere. This also allows for an inadvertent upgrade to bass, as sound reverberations turn any hard, flat surface into a subwoofer; a perfect opportunity for the Airbeat-10’s high performance speaker to shine. The Airbeat-10’s custom bike mount lets cycling-enthusiasts take their music and their business on the road with them. Able to withstand water splashes, the Airbeat-10 is an ideal companion for the pool, beach or shower. With a built-in rechargeable battery pack, the Airbeat-10 allows up to six hours of playback time off a single charge – a sizable period to enjoy one’s music and phone calls.

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Here’s our video review of the Divoom Airbeat-10

The speaker isn’t just bells, whistles, weatherproofing and tripod mounts. No, Divoom also put attention on the audio offered by this small speaker. And while this small speaker isn’t going to compete with larger audiophile speakers it certainly will get the job done. That in large part thanks to the “High Definition Bluetooth V3.0” and the “Special Surface Resonating technology.” The “surface resonating technology” turns any hard flat surface into an extra subwoofer. That, in turn, creates larger and richer sound than would otherwise come from this small speaker.

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The Divoom Airbeat-10 is for people who want to take their music on the go, are interested in using a speaker while riding as bike plan to listen to music outside or in the shower. Thanks to its “water-resistant prowess”, its “mountability” and “Barry White-ish” surface resonating depth it stands out in a crowded market. You can learn more here. And while it has an MSRP of $49.99 you can get it here on Amazon [Affiliate Link] for under $30. It will make a great stocking stuffer!!

Source: Company Supplied Review Sample of the Divoom Airbeat-10

What I Like: Weatherproof; Includes bike and suction mounts; Serves bigger sound thanks to surface resonating; Inexpensive

What Needs Improvement: Battery life of 6 hours is on the low-end; Sound is good but not for audiophiles

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