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In a sea of mass-produced cases for electronic devices, caseable is one company that is creating custom accessories for devices that not only use your photographs to personalize them, they are doing so right here in the US (in Berlin for their European customers), and they’re making these items– to the greatest extent possible — from recycled materials.

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That’s my grandfather in the middle, with President Eisenhower on the left and another local rancher on the right. This picture was taken in the 1950’s during Texas’ big drought.

For example, we try to source only green neoprene for our laptop sleeves and also the strong cardboard in our iPad and Kindle cases is recycled. Oh, and our iPhone cases are made from recycled plastic bottles!

Caseable makes laptop sleeves, phone cases, tablet cases, kindles, and other devices as they are ordered; in other words, there is nothing mass-produced about them. You can either create your own work of art with personal photos or text, or you can choose from their gallery of artists’ designs.

I was sent a selection of custom sleeves and a case for my two laptops, my iPad Pro, and my iPhone 6S Plus; I am very impressed with the results.

The sleeve I posted above is for my iPad Pro; it (as well as the other sleeve-style cases in this post) is made of cushy, 5mm thick, shock-absorbing neoprene, and it can either be carried as a sleeve or the included webbed strap with metal clips can be attached so it can be carried as a minimalistic bag. The YKK zippers have inch long pulls that are covered in a flexible branded black rubber, and the thread used is by the German company, Güterman. Everything about the craftsmanship screams quality.

This is a picture of a NoLIta mural that I took last year in NYC. I liked the photo so much that it is the background on all of my mobile devices and my 13″ MacBook Pro, and now I have a matching MacBook Pro case with it!

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This is a picture of my mother playing with her dolls in the 1940s; I’ve always loved this photo, and now I have an iPhone 6S Plus wallet case that displays it! I like how this case has a cloth exterior displaying the photo, and that it uses a black soft-touch holster-style plastic case on the interior to hold the phone. It can even hold two credit cards in the slots on the wall opposite the phone holster, as well as receipts in the long slash pocket behind that panel. A magnetized tab holds everything tucked safely inside.

Here’s an example of one of their artist’s designs; It’s kind of fun, right? This case is large enough for my Dell XPS 15.

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Now that I have customized cases for almost all of the devices that I regularly carry, I’m set!

If you’ve been looking for something different to keep your devices protected, look no further than caseable. With plenty of ready to go art available and the option of designing your own case, you can end up with something really special that looks nothing like what the rest of the herd is carrying.

You can expect to pay $59.90 for an artist designed or custom sleeve for your laptop (any size); wallet phone cases like mine are $29.90. There’s also an option of a custom hard shell phone case for $24.99. You can check out all of the available styles on the caseable website.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review samples

What I Like: Custom or artist designed cases that are well made of quality materials; Some of the materials used are recycled; Each case is custom-made when you order — whether it’s your design or one of their artists’; Included webbed strap with metal fittings for laptop sleeves; YKK zippers and Güterman thread

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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