So You Think You Can Dance, but Can You Attract a Mate?

According to a group of evolutionary biologists at Northumbria University, there are the dance movements that will catch a woman’s eye; in other words, these are the movements that will attract a mate. Can you do them? If not, you’d better get busy. If you nail the moves, we’d love to see your videos. 😉

The biggest difference I see is that the “good” dancer has his head up and he is working his legs and torso; such confidence! Obviously he is an excellent hunter-gatherer who will provide for his prospective spouse and his future family.

The “bad” dancer is stuck in some weird robot/lawnmower dance loop, and he isn’t looking up. He’s the guy that will marry you and then decide you need to do all the hunting and gathering yourself while he drinks Starbucks lattes and runs up your Amex. Yep … I totally see it. 😉

So You Think You Can Dance, but Can You Attract a Mate?

Women, you aren’t being left out; this style of dance is always a winner when you are trying to attract a mate!

Via the Washington Post

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