Guardian Angel Outlet Review: Protect Your Children

Make electricity safe this holiday season. The Guardian Angel Outlet protects users, particularly young ones, by going beyond simply putting plastic plugs in regular electrical outlets for safety. This easy-to-install outlet temporarily shutting down the electricity using “smart”, “capacitive sensing” technology when potential danger is near while still supplying electricity through the outlet.


The Hype

Each year, thousands of kids visit the ER due to severe burns and neurological damage resulting from electrical shocks at home.

The Guardian Angel Outlet is the only smart outlet that offers uninhibited access to power. The outlet uses proprietary technology that is aware when a little one’s hand gets too close—keeping children out of harm. Its technology is always on, using capacitive sensing to continuously monitor the electrical receptacle’s immediate surroundings for dangerous actions or situations. It’s also easy to use and install, and has no small parts included.

Every year, thousands of children need Emergency Room care for severe burns and neurological damage as a result of household shocks (and hundreds die) despite the widespread use of cheap mechanical solutions used to hopefully prevent shocks at home. Clearly, they don’t work … certainly not well enough. And every home has a handful of extremely dangerous outlets … outlets always in use (for a night-light, a monitor, etc.), outlets frequently used (to vacuum, to charge a phone, etc.), and outlets in and around the child’s main play area. The Guardian Angel Shockproof Outlet is the safe and reliable “missing piece” that protects infants and toddlers from a home’s most dangerous outlets. With its award-winning technology, the Guardian Angel Outlet turns the power off when it senses a dangerous situation … restoring its own power seconds after it’s safe to do so. The Guardian Angel Shockproof Outlet is a unique combination of absolute protection from, and convenient access to, electric power … and a MUST HAVE for safety conscious parents.

The Reality

Not many things are 100% in life, but the Guardian Safety outlet promises 100% shock proof protection and has the sensors to back it up. This outlet is designed to  prevent all shocks, burns, and other forms of electrocution related to electrical receptacles.

The sensors obviously have a constant power source as they are hardwired into the outlet. I remember getting accidentally shocked in grade school from a floor outlet without even physically touching to the outlet case. Peace of mind is definitely the biggest benefit here. The manufacturer also provides the following caution users:


This device is not a surge suppressor and will not protect in the case of a power surge.  Guardian Angel is not a substitute for adult supervision.


Since this outlet is always plugged in, then the sensor is always active. If lights or other noticeable appliances are plugged into the outlet and the sensor activates by temporarily shutting off power to that outlet, then it creates a noticeable situation that can easily be checked at the source. Users (a.k.a. adult supervisors) can quickly see what is happening and who might be causing it… unless you have a huge area to cover.

The entire outlet weighs eight ounces and measures 3 x 2 x 4.8 inches fitting most standard electrical outlets. The protective case houses the necessary hardware including the all important sensor featuring “capacitive sensing” to shut down the outlet when dangerous, unsafe events occur. This sensor distinguishes common electrical plugs (still allowing them to be plugged into the outlet) from anything else, especially metallic objects. When the outlet shuts off, a subtle click can be heard when standing close to the outlet.

The outlet installs easily as one full piece with extra screws also included. The screws are long enough to firmly secure the outlet. It’s a good strategy to install the Guardian Angel outlets in vital places where used the most and the most exposed places.


The outlet casing is very durable and is very secure so no one will be able to penetrate the casing…on purpose or accidentally. Producers have also installed a cable tie on the cord for extra protection and safety. The design also tapers to the back (wall side) of the outlet, so it’s very difficult to loosen it with accidental contact or pry the outlet off without considerable effort.

The most notable issue with the casing is color. The bright white color helps people notice the outlet for safety reasons and is the only color currently available, which might be an issue for people looking for a more customized decor in their environment. It would be risky to paint the visible part of the outlet to match the environment, especially with spray paint, because it could affect the outlet functionality.


The back of the outlet has vent holes for functionality. The overall peace of mind is priceless, which makes this highly recommended product very useful while connecting to users on a personal level. The WINNER of the 2014 “Best Innovation of the Americas” award

The Guardian Angel outlet retails for $39.95; it’s currently $39.99 (normally $45.00) for a double pack at AmazonGuardian Angel Outlet Review: Protect Your Children [affiliate link].

Source: Reviewer copy provided by publisher

What I Like: beneficial functionality, easy to install, peace of mind, one piece installation, practical/considerate design, strong safety features

What Needs Improvement: future color options to customize with environment decor

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