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It can be a lot of pressure to get that perfect diamond ring or jewelry piece right for that special someone, especially around the holidays. Now there is an app for that – The 3D Printing Diamond Engagement Ring Program uses their own “diamond finder” app to let customers try 3D versions of the final rings/jewelry before final purchase. combines this special app with 3D printing to let users customize carat, clarity, color and cut to finalize their choice from over 100,000 diamonds in stock.


In this program, they provides the 3D model to customers who can try it out for themselves. Customers who have access to 3D printers will be able to download the ring files that will assist with deciding on what shape, size and carat diamond to purchase, as well as a 3D printed sizer to find out the exact ring size.

Don’t have a 3D printer? Customers without a 3D printer can still receive free 3D printed models. Customers can also make the final purchase using the app, which also includes education material, term glossary, and short supplementary videos including “The Diamond Cut Guide” and “How to Buy Diamonds Without Breaking the Bank”.

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