Monster Mobile PowerCard Turbo Portable External Battery


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Monster Mobile PowerCard Turbo Portable External Battery Listen to this article

Monster Mobile describes their PowerCard Turbo external battery as “The Universal Smartphone Charger.” And while I’m not sure I would call it “THE” universal smartphones charger, it certainly holds its own thanks to its small size and built-in 3350mAh battery.

PowerCard external battery

Monster notes that the Power Card packs a serious punch while remaining thin enough to easily slip into a pocket or gadget bag. The smaller versions might even fits into a wallet, but I don’t see that happening here. All of that noted, the company is correct when they write that this battery offers excellent value in an external battery that us easy to transport. With CES 2015 on the way, I’m certainly glad to have this extra bit of “emergency juice.”


The PowerCharge Turbo has a simple design that includes a microUSB port for charging and a full-sized USB port into which you plug your device cable. (Yes, this is a BYOC — Bring Your Own Cable — device.)





A small power button activates the three LED lights that let you know how much remaining charge is available to you. The design is simple but the slight curve at one corner — the one that houses the LEDs — adds just enough visual interest. And while the metal sides offer some nice strength and rigidity, the fact that no protective bag was included in the package was a small disappointment.

Video Review of the PowerCard Turbo External Battery

  • Monster’s “No Waiting Technology”: provides all the power needed for the most demanding smart phones and USB devices. Just plug it in, hit the charge button, make the call.
  • Auto sensing technology: detects exactly what speed your Smartphone or USB device requires and provides the speed and power in a flash
  • Sleek package: you won’t find a faster charger that fits in your wallet.
  • Five+ Hours of Portable Energy: Power Card quickly provides five hours of energy to your Smartphone.
  • Colors with Style: Available in five ultra cool colors, it delivers instant power in a compact, ergonomic design.
  • Three x Faster: The Power Card charges up to 3 times faster than standard USB chargers. 3 LEDs on the Power Card show your battery level and charge indicator. Use it with anything that requires USB charging. Wherever you go, the Power Card keeps you in charge.

External battery


At an MSRP of $69.95 the PowerCard Turbo is a bit pricey for what it offers. At the current price of $49.95 however it is in a more reasonable ballpark and deserves a look. After all, $50 is a small investment to make in order to guarantee you can make the call you need to make or take the picture you meet to take when you are out and about. Learn more and order yours here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Monster PowerCard Turbo external battery

What I Like: Small; Simple to use; Automatically adapts the speed with which it charges devices; Solid metal design

What Needs Improvement: $50 is still a bit high for a 3350mAh external battery; No carry case or bag included

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