Beyzacases Thinvelope iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Case Review

We love Beyzacases products and have long been huge fans of their quality leather products. We have a few of their latest offerings and thought we would take a closer look at them. We’ll start this series with a classic, the Beyzacases Thinvelope iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Case. At $129.95 it is pricey, but it is also undeniably gorgeous.iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Case

The Thinvelope is a high-quality leather take on the initial reveal of the MacBook Air. If you recall, Steve Jobs made a huge deal of demonstrating just how thin the Air was by pulling the laptop out of a standard yellow document envelope. Beyzacases liked that idea but wanted to product something more luxurious. They made theirs out of leather and … the rest is history. In fact, Judie and I both protected our first Airs in a Thinvelope, and I have to admit, I desperately miss that case.

As the company explains:

World’s first sleeve with this innovative design will make you feel the fresh air coming to the market. Amazing colors and Beyzacases’ concept envelope shaped design shows the quality and creativity. Protection and usability are the key features of “Thinvelope”. “Thinvelope” has become a phenomenon in the market since it was first appeared.

The Thinvelope iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Case is a smaller version of the original case. Slimmed down to comfortably hold Apple’s current tablets, the case is a perfect fit for either of the last two iPads. The leather is beautifully tanned. The interior is soft and won’t scratch the tablet. And the magnetic clasp holds the flap in place securely while also being simple to open. In all, if you like carrying your iPad in a protective sleeve you are going to love this product.

Video Review of the Beyzacases Thinvelope iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Case

The bottom line is this. There are those who like to keep their iPad in a dedicated case; for them something like the Thinvelope isn’t ideal, and something like the Beyzacases Folio F will better fit their needs. There are, however, those who like to keep their tablet as thin and light as possible which still protecting their investment when on the go. For them something like the $129.95 Thinvelope is a great option. It screams “classy”; it oozes luxury, and ind is an investment you will enjoy for years to come. Learn more and order yours here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Beyzacases Thinvelope iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Case

What I Like: Gorgeous leather; Amazing construction; Offers good sleeve protection; Magnetic clasp is “just right”

What Needs Improvement: Pricey; Only protects the iPad when inside

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