iPad 2 Case Review: Aranez iPad 2 Notebook Kangaroo Leather Case

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The other day we brought word of a new folio-style case for the iPad 2 that is made of kangaroo leather. It looked great and carried a premium price north of $100. Then again, the case is made from kangaroo leather and that stuff ain’t cheap. (Or so we hear.) Well, the Aranez iPad 2 Notebook Kangaroo Leather Case arrived right after the news post went live and we’ve run it through its paces. Is it worth the price? Does the kangaroo leather really make a difference? You decide.


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Fortunately, while the case comes in a nice box it didn’t come in any sort of interior protective bag. That’s a good thing because such a packaging scheme would have brought out the requisite “inside the box you’ll find a pouch and in the pouch is the kangaroo… case.” 😉  With that out of my system let’s see what the company has to say about the case.

From Aranez:

Presenting the world’s first iPad 2 Kangaroo Leather Case crafted by Aranez. This stylish case features genuine high-grade Australian kangaroo leather which is known to be the best performance leather in the world – it’s light and tough. When you combine this material with the unique notebook design, the result is a benchmark-setting luxurious leather case.

Aranez have considered every minute detail of the iPad 2 Notebook Kangaroo Leather Case from the unique silver stitching, through to innovative fold-out lap stand and ensuring that every single port on the iPad 2 remains easy to access.

The Aranez iPad 2 Notebook Kangaroo Leather Case is the perfect accessory for those looking to stand out from the crowd.

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Crafted from premium high performance kangaroo leather

Slimline notebook design

Fold-out magnetic lap flap

Silver stitching that differentiates from the rest

Business and credit card holders

Holds the iPad 2 securely in place

Protects the iPad 2 from bumps and scratches

Access to all buttons and charge ports

10 Year Limited Warranty

Guarantee of Quality with each case

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I’m now a huge fan of kangaroo leather. Seriously, it has a wonderful, light, luxurious feel that is unmatched by anything I have seen or touched. Add in fantastic workmanship and a case that is, as Elana put it, “as thin, sleek and refined as any case I have seen yet it still packs in the features” and you have a truly high-end iPad 2 case. (And if you are squeamish about the fact that it is made from kangaroo leather let me ask you this- what is the real difference between bovine leather and kangaroo? If you are willing to use the former it really  isn’t a huge jump to using the latter. If you don’t use leather at all, however, look elsewhere since “synthetic leather” (i.e. plastic) is for you.)

Let’s look at three product shots and then dig into the video review.


Closed the case is streamlined and gorgeous.


Open it is too. As you’ll see in the video the mechanism for securing the iPad in place is as minimalistic as the case itself. It not only works but it works well without getting in the way. (As I point out in the video however it is not perfect.)

On the left are slots for cards, notes etc and the built-in typing stand.


The stand lets you work on your iPad with the screen at just the right angle for serious typing on the onscreen keyboard.

So what do I think of the Aranez iPad 2 Notebook Kangaroo Leather Case? Here’s my video review.

You can read more about the Aranez iPad 2 Notebook Kangaroo Leather Case or order your own on the company site.

MSRP: $119.95

What I Like: Sleek; Refined; Gorgeous; Professional; Kangaroo leather is beautiful; Includes leather cleaning kit; Has a built-in stand; Has slots for cards; As thin and sleek as we have seen in an iPad 2 case

What Needs Improvement: At $119.95 this is a premium case; Mechanism for securing the iPad in place is tight and will bubble most screen protection; No sleep/awake functionality

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  1. Adriana Grozea | May 16, 2012 at 8:22 pm |

    I would not recommend this case – or the manufacturer: I purchased one and the inside plastic frame cracked after a few months. The warranty has not been honored and repeated emails with the company were not answered.

  2. Adriana Grozea | June 7, 2012 at 8:24 pm |

    Happy to report this issue has been resolved.

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