New Gaming Accessories Announced at CES 2015

Gear up gamers for fun, flash and functionality! The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) is featuring new and upcoming gaming accessories to enhance video game experiences for all ages. Nyko and Mad Catz are familiar names in gaming peripherals and this year brings more great gaming options including a PlayStation 4 data bank, PS4 Type Pad, innovative gaming headset, Xbox One light grip, and XB1 mini charge dock.

The data bank and type pad for PlayStation 4 will ship in the first half of 2015.


Nyko Data Bank (PS4)

The data bank replaces the top cover and 2.5” hard drive and installs easy with one screw using the including screwdriver. The bank opens up compatibility with 3.5” hard drives as internal storage eliminating the need for an external hard drive, which currently does not support game installs or save data. This bank has a built-in, indicating LED strip that illuminates when the PS4 accesses memory from it. Players can put memory in the data bank to improve their hard drive space management.

Nkyo Type Pad (PS4)

The snap-on type pad attachment works with the PS4 DualShock 4 controller well with a headphone jack on the bottom left center, so players still have audio options. This pad can make messaging and chat sessions better and includes a “.com” shortcut, Bluetooth compatibility with keyboard-enabled apps and games and mini-analog nub (located in upper right) all on a full QWERTY keyboard. This pad charges simultaneously with the controller using any standard micro-USB cable and can easily be switched on and off to conserve battery.

Mad Catz’ F.R.E.Q.9 surround sound gaming headset is available now.


Mad Catz recently recent their flagship F.R.E.Q.9 surround sound gaming headset featuring expansive wireless surround sound via AM3D® Audio technology, a discrete integrated microphone, premium Bluetooth® technology and connects to various audio source using an adapter box that connects to a standard digital optical or analogue source allowing wireless audio to be directly transmitted to this special headset.

This gaming headset is compatible with almost any audio source including PC and MAC, game consoles, mobile and smart devices. Gamers will have a “sound” advantage as the headset converts any standard stereo audio signal into highly realistic military-grade 3D sound. The integrated mic eliminates the need for a boom mic while the digitally controlled Active Noise Cancellation (D-ANC) feature reduces unwanted background noise. Support for the F.R.E.Q.9 is included in the Mad Catz app for Android or iOS, allowing gamers to check battery level and activate the various features of the headset.

The light grip and charge dock mini, both for Xbox One, will release in early 2015.

Nyko Light Grip (Xbox1)

The rubberized-style grip snaps onto Xbox One wireless controllers and draws power from the controller. It has a comfortable, snap-on design while the flashy LED lights include 17 different color and pattern combinations. The built-in select button lets players to choose among preset color and light patterns.

Nyko Charge Dock Mini (Xbox1)

The small-sized charge dock mini acts as a compact power station that plugs into the Xbox One’s side USB port to recharge two battery packs for the controllers. It features two built-in LED charge status indicator lights, conveniently allows a USB to pass through to power other devices and includes two NiMH battery cells.

Which new gaming peripherals and accessories will you be picking up? Has anything from CES 2015 caught your eye?

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