Aterica Helps Track Your EpiPen with Veta Smart Cases and App

For most people, a typical set of everyday items includes phone, keys, wallet, maybe a notebook or pens and other small items. If you (or your child) have food allergies, an Epipen or similar product is the top item on that list. Aterica has just announced an app/case combo for EpiPens called Veta to make that everyday carrying much simpler!


The Veta Smart Case and app work together to monitor the EpiPen itself, making sure you know where it is, whether it has been exposed to extreme heat or cold, etc., and the app also keeps track of the medicine’s expiration so you don’t get caught with an expired injector. In addition, parents can also use the app, so you can make sure that the EpiPen is with your child and their phone/device at all times. This is a big concern when allergy kids become more independent, and it’s no longer the job of their parent to constantly carry the EpiPen. You want your kids to have independence, but a bout of forgetfulness and leaving an EpiPen home can be deadly.

This is a very cool idea that helps alleviate all sorts of parental concerns. One, it lets parents check remotely to make sure their kids are carrying their EpiPens. Two, it gives parents and the children valuable information on the status of the medicine, and helps teach everyone how to properly maintain it. EpiPens cannot be exposed to extreme heat, and they do expire, so having an app and case that manages that helps take the guesswork out of the way. The app and case will also notify parents and anyone else hooked into the app if the case is opened or the EpiPen may be in use, a good heads up for emergency situations.

Veta can be pre-ordered on their site for $59.00 (ships in the fall of 2015), and they are offering incremental discounts if you’re ordering multiple cases. Right now it only works with EpiPen devices, but I  hope they release one for the Auvi-Q soon too!

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