OmniMount Has a Healthier Home Solution with the Workspace Wall Organizer

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The evidence says that standing while working is healthier than sitting, so you might have been tempted to add a stand-up desk to your home. The thing is that many of them are ugly and simply too large. The new OmniMount Workspace Wall Organizer appears to be the perfect solution for anyone who needs a stand-up workspace in tight quarters.

Check this out; here it is closed …

OmniMount Brings a Healthier Desk to Your Home with the Workspace Wall Organizer

… and here it is open.

OmniMount Brings a Healthier Desk to Your Home with the Workspace Wall Organizer

And here’s a video all about the new Ergotron OmniMount Workspace Wall Organizer.

That looks pretty amazing, right? The OmniMount Workspace Wall Organizer will be available in late spring to early summer, and we don’t have an exact price yet — but I’m betting it will be somewhere in the $250 to $300 range. Hopefully I am right about that, because this may be the exact solution I’ve been looking for. In other words, I need a desk, my house is too small to add one, and I am tired of working from the dining room table.

So, hurry up and bring us the Workspace Wall Organizer, OmniMount!! 😉

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