Goal Zero Yeti Generators Are Ready for Your Next Disaster!

We’ve covered some of Goal Zero’s smaller hand-cranked solar devices, which are great in emergencies, but there are times when you need stronger power generation that can possibly even keep your fridge running! Goal Zero Yeti generators come in multiple sizes, and they can be left plugged in until needed — or they can be recharged from solar when TSHTF!

The Yeti line comes in three sizes: 150, 400, and 1250; you can buy them with or without their optional solar charging panels.

Goal Zero Yet Line

I think that you might as well spring for the biggest one you can afford because honestly, when you need it you’ll be grateful. You can even chain certain Yeti generators together — not just the solar panels powering them, but the actual generators themselves! Another huge benefit to the Goal Zero Yeti line is that because they are initially powered from a wall charger and then supplemented from solar (if you choose to do so), is that there are NO GAS FUMES! You can use these generators in your home!

That’s not to say that gas generators don’t have their place, but there are times when you might want one closer to you — but the fumes and other safety issues they create make that impossible or impractical.

Who wants to sit there and beat themselves up because they lost an entire refrigerator and freezer’s worth of food because they didn’t think they’s ever need the extra power. Kev and I have gone as much as a day without power, but we live on a ranch in West Texas where outages are few and natural disasters are rare. Dan, along with millions of others, learned in 2012 that a natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy could leave his home without power for over a week! That meant no fresh water (as his comes directly from a well), and he had to get creative with ways to save the food in his home. When you are thinking about backup power solutions, this is not the time to scrimp.

Here’s Lisa’s overview of each of the Yeti models.

And finally, Lisa from Goal Zero gives tips on why having a Yeti generator in your backup kit can help keep you ready for any disaster!

 You can see all of the Goal Zero Yeti power solutions here.

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