Acura Debuts Production Unit NSX…Finally

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Acura Debuts Production Unit NSX...Finally Listen to this article

Acura used the world’s stage known as the North American International Auto Show to premiere its production version of the next NSX Supercar. Twenty-five years after the launch of the first generation, Acura says the new car will feature a Sport Hybrid Power Unit (AKA gas/electric engine) mounted midship and mated to a new 9-speed dual clutch transmission.

Images by Author

Images by Author

The much-anticipated NSX debuted to the crowd of international automotive journalists Monday amidst the roar of its twin turbocharged V-6 engine, although the automaker is keeping mum about any other details other than the rear direct-drive electric motor will be housed between the engine and gearbox and support acceleration, braking and transmission shifting performance. The front wheels of the new NSX will be driven by twin independent high-output electric motors.


NSX will utilize a space frame design with an internal frame of aluminum, ultra-high strength steel and other advanced materials including carbon fiber.

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Acura gives the new NSX a dial-operated Integrated Dynamic System that offers drive modes of Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track. Quiet mode enables EV driving at lower speeds for short durations (like sneaking in or out of the garage).


Of course no pricing information is available yet but Acura will begin taking orders this summer with deliveries later this year.

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