G5 Jackpot Casino v1.1 Update Brings iPhone, Universal Login, <100mb Size

Last fall G5 Entertainment released G5 Jackpot Casino: Free Vegas Slots for the iPad, a free-to-play casino game with plenty of in-app purchase options. While slot machines and gambling games really aren’t my thing, the quest-based gameplay was engaging and offered loads of incentives to keep playing. What was missing was an iPhone version – which arrives now!

G5's Jackpot Casino v1.1 Update Brings iPhone, Universal Login, <100mb Size

The game is based on a simple slot machine gameplay mechanic, augmented with a quest structure and energy collection overlay meant to keep you playing day after day. Now with the 1.1 update the game is universal so you can play on iPhone or iPad – but there is more! While your progress is synced between devices, playing on both actually nets you more energy to keep playing longer and rely less on in-app purchases. And for the launch G5 is including the special Lucky Ring bonus which gives you 2X more crystal chips.

The first way is to spin it to win it! Endless slots options make your chances better than ever at the G5 Jackpot Casino. The variety of slot machines will impress you – all your favorite themes – from the past-paced Stand O’Food, to the intriguing Special Enquiry Detail, to the hit Virtual City, to the engrossing Mahjongg Artifacts – are featured in G5 Jackpot Casino. Try the unique Fever Mode and rack up out-of-this-world prizes! Then double down on your winnings with the Gamble mini-game – or try your luck with Big Spin, where you could win it all in just one spin of the wheel! Unique bonus puzzles will give lots of chances for extra earnings.

In G5 Jackpot Casino, by completing daily quests you’ll be gathering items, collections and earning special awards. The more collections you complete – the more new slots you open. Social features will help you hit the jackpot easier. Add friends from all over the world, get help from them and don’t forget to send them gifts. Extra coins, chips and items for collections will be of a great use for you. Are you ready to win (and keep winning) in this unparalleled new slots game? Try your luck today!

What’s new in Version 1.1:

It’s time to win the Jackpot! Update the game and start winning!

  • Synchronize your game between iPad and iPhone – and continue playing – anywhere, any time.
  • Find the Lucky Ring and double the amount of coins and crystal chips you get for the same low price!
  • Game size optimized to under 100 Mb
  • Download without WiFi!
  • Improvements and fixes – enjoy better, faster gameplay!

Key Features:

  • Endless slot action to keep you busy for weeks!
  • Six unique bonus games with lots of surprise chances for extra earnings!
  • Over 200 quests and loads of collections – how quickly can you complete them all?
  • Maximize your winnings with Gamble and Big Spin, two exciting mini-games!
  • Hitting the jackpot – do you think you can take home the biggest prize of all?

Game trailer:

Where to grab your copy:
iTunes Store: G5 Jackpot Casino: Free Vegas Slots for iPhone and iPad

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