Swyp Smart Wallet Wants to Be the One Card to Rule Them All

If you use the Internet even sparingly, you’re bound to know that smart wallets are the next big change in the way that we make purchases. Swyp is the latest product that wants to combine all of your credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards into one credit card-sized package. Swyp is now up for preorder for $49.

SWYP Cover

Swyp’s exterior is made of a durable metal alloy and has three tactile buttons so you can make your card selection quickly and easily.  The Swyp app can hold an unlimited amount of cards, which would be fantastic for my wife, since she has a separate wallet for all of the gift cards she carries.  The Swyp card itself can hold up to 25 cards at a time.  Swyp also has a crisp, clear display that will graphically tell you what card you’re selecting so there’s no mistake.

These smart wallet devices like Swyp are a huge step forward past the “mobile wallets” like Apple Pay or Google Wallet, because they don’t rely on NFC technology to operate.  In order to load cards onto your device, you’ll use the Swyp card swiper that will automatically enter your cards into the secure iOS or Android app.  When you want to use your card to make a purchase, you take Swyp out of your wallet, select your card, and give it to the clerk, waiter, etc. and that’s it!  Swyp can be swiped and used everywhere regular credit cards are accepted.  It’s just so genius that it’s one of those things you kick yourself for not thinking of first!

Swyp also has Bluetooth on board, so that it can lock itself if you accidentally leave your card at the restaurant.  It’ll also alert you via notification on your phone so you can run back and get it. Swyp’s app will also learn how you use your cards so that it will be able to guess which card you will want to use.  Swyp’s battery will last up to two full years and is fully rechargeable.

Stay tuned to Gear Diary, where we’ll have a full review of Swyp once it’s mass-produced in a few months.

For more details and a nice look at how Swyp functions, check out their Youtube video, below:

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