Want Definitive Sound? Check Out the Definitive Technology W7 Speaker

I was given the Definitive Technology W7 Speaker to review. In the box is the speaker and a power cord. That’s it. With just a few simple steps from taking it out of the box to having my music playing beautifully, it couldn’t have been easier. The instructions were clear and concise, very necessary in my house!

This is my first review for Gear Diary.  By way of introduction I should say a couple of things up front.  First of all, I am not a real techie.  I can break a gadget as well as I can enjoy it.  It’s a long-standing joke in my family that if something has a plug then my husband is in charge since I can break anything that runs on electricity.  While this is not entirely true, it is a fact that I like my tech to be easy to set up and intuitive to run.  Secondly, I work full time and I have a full time family.  When dealing with a new gadget I need to be able to figure it out, set it up, and get it working all in the space of my daughter’s nap time.  If I can’t accomplish this task then chances are good I won’t ever get into it.  That being said…


This was an incredibly easy speaker to set up.  I downloaded the company’s app, followed the set up instructions on my phone and that was, as they say, that.

The sound from this speaker is really great.  I played several genres of music, including a live recording that is almost unintelligible on most other speakers, and all came through great clarity and sound quality.  The buttons on the unit are easy to figure out even though the instructions do not give any information on them.  From a purely surface perspective, this speaker is nice to look at. It’s sleek and simple and unobtrusive.  There isn’t anything on it that doesn’t have a purpose or is even merely decorative.  Clean and simple. The W7 is part of a larger family of speakers that can be linked up around the house to provide great sound all over.  Very nice.


The big down side to the W7 is that it’s really only made to work with your phone or tablet. I wish I could connect it to either my computer of my ipod but since it works only through the app it’s really not built to work that way.  As someone with an extensive music collection, I don’t keep that much music on either my phone or tablet.  It would just take up way too much room.  I had to spend a bit of time downloading the pieces of music I wanted to listen to from the cloud in order to listen to them on the W7, but it was well worth it for the quality of the sound.  The other downside of the product is it’s size.  It’s not huge, but it’s not small either.  The cube is about 6 inches all the way around and it sits on a 1 inch base.  It also must be plugged in to an outlet, limiting where it can be placed.

The W7 can be purchased at a number of retailers including easily at Best Buy for the MSRP $399.00

Overall, it’s a nice speaker.  Since my requirements are simple to use, and great sound quality, this is a winner.  The best part was the dance party that ensued with my daughter when she woke up from her nap.

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

What I liked: Great sound!; Easy to use; Easily linked to other speakers by this company

What I didn’t like: It only works with the app and is therefore limited in the devices it works with; It must be plugged in to the wall, limiting placement; Its size also limits where it can be placed.

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