Prong Introduces the PWR Case for iPhone 5 & iPhone 6

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Today, Prong revealed their PWR Case is now available for the iPhone 6 through pre-orders on IndieGoGo, and will also begin shipping the iPhone 5/5S PWR Case to fulfill pre-orders.

Prong Introduces the PWR Case for iPhone 5 & iPhone 6

Introducing the solution to all of my problems …

A fan of the Prong company since viewing youtube clip reviews and their Kickstarter for the iPhone 4/4S,  you can imagine my excitement when I found out they decided to release an updated version… the Prong PWR case for the iPhone 5 and now, the iPhone 6!


The PWR case hopes to solve a problem I’ve had one too many times… that annoying 20% battery alert. Imagine being out on a Friday night, and not having a full charge at 9pm. We’ve all been there. What Prong is brings to the table is not only a battery case, but an actual WALL charger included in the case itself. Nobody wants to be that person at the bar saying “hey can you charge my phone?” before pulling out a cord AND an adapter out of your pocket. Don’t be that person, please.

Instead, be the cool one who not only leaves the panic of having a dying device behind, but also leave the charger plugged into the wall while you use your device. Something you can’t do with you know, “other” battery cases.

Prong Introduces the PWR Case for iPhone 5 & iPhone 6

Never again worry about having to stay near a wall!


What I like the most about this case is the luxury of built-in plugs. No more worries about leaving that cord at the office! At the end of a long day, I can plug the entire device into the wall at night. And say I need to answer a call, or have the urge to check an email, I can detach the phone from the charger and still have the back-up battery charging. Of course you still have the option of using a MicroUSB cord if you wish.

With two different battery capacity options, the PWR case is sure a case for a long flight, or long night. And for those of you who enjoy variety, the PWR for the iPhone 5 case will come in three colors: A slate/black, white/gold and a blue/grey.

Prong Introduces the PWR Case for iPhone 5 & iPhone 6 Prong Introduces the PWR Case for iPhone 5 & iPhone 6 Prong Introduces the PWR Case for iPhone 5 & iPhone 6 Prong Introduces the PWR Case for iPhone 5 & iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 version will be available in four options: Slate, pink/white, blue/grey and transparent.


The PWR Case for the iPhone 5 is currently available at Prong’s Website starting at $99.95

The PWR case for the iPhone 6 is available for pre-order today for a special price $80 at Prong and here. After the pre-order, the PWR case for the 6 will retail between $99.95 and $120, depending on which model you choose and will ship Spring 2015.

We will have a review of the item soon, but for more information and images of the PWR case, please visit:

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