Sandisk Announces New Storage Solutions at MWC 2015!

As someone who was impressed by a 32MB Compact Flash card for my HP PDA 15 years ago, the growth of high-speed, high-capacity, ultra-compact storage continues to astound me, and at MWC 2015 that trend continues. Sandisk has introduced a number of products, the most visible of which is the 200GB SanDisk Ultra® microSDXC™, expanding on last year’s 128GB platform.

Sandisk 200GB Ultra Micro SD

The five new products they announced were the SanDisk 200GB Ultra microSDXC card, Premium Edition, High Endurance microSD card, 128GB iXpand Flash Drive, Ultra Dual USB Drive with Type C Connector, and iNAND 7231. Each listing has a link to Sandisk’s press release.

Here is some information about each:

200GB SanDisk Ultra® microSDXC™ UHS-I card, Premium Edition – The 200GB SanDisk Ultra® microSDXC™ is the world’s highest capacity microSD card for use in mobile devices. Using the proprietary technology developed last year for the 128GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC card, and creating a new design and production process that allows for more bits per die, SanDisk was able to achieve this capacity breakthrough. The 200GB Ultra microSDXC card is a 56% capacity increase over the 128GB within the same fingernail-sized form factor.

Ultra Dual USB Drive with Type C Connector – Anticipating a rising demand for the Type C platform, SanDisk is introducing its first-ever USB flash drive with a Type C connector. The new Dual USB Drive features a Type C connector on one end and a USB 3.0 on the other for fast and easy transfer between next-generation devices and PC or Mac computers. The new Dual USB Drive will initially be available in a 32GB capacity and also works with the SanDisk® Memory Zone app.

High Endurance microSDXC card – Leveraging its deep expertise, SanDisk developed a proprietary technology and process to enable high-intensity recording. The 64GB High Endurance microSDXC card will allow consumers to write and rewrite up to 10,000 hours of Full HD recording, while the 32GB capacity withstands up to 5,000 hours of Full HD recording. It is designed specifically for dash cameras and home video monitoring systems, ensuring drivers and homeowners have reliable video evidence at their fingertips.

128GB iXpand Flash Drive – In response to customer demand, SanDisk is now offering a new 128GB iXpand Flash Drive. When used with 128GB models of the latest iOS devices, the new iXpand Flash Drive instantly doubles the available storage for photos, videos, music, and multimedia files. In addition, the iXpand Sync app also now allows users to take advantage of Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor to encrypt and decrypt sensitive files, utilize popular apps to open files from the drive, as well as save content generated by these apps directly to the drive.

iNAND 7231 – With SanDisk’s new iNAND 7132, OEMs will be able to create smartphones with break-through consumer experiences, like downloading a full-length HD movie in seconds and enabling photo capabilities that were once only available to pro photographers – like capturing RAW images. iNAND 7132 includes SanDisk’s new iNAND Accelerator Architecture featuring SmartSLC technology, an innovative new storage architecture that quickly and intelligently responds on-demand to mobile users’ needs and gives superior experiences to the most data-intensive applications.

The 200GB SanDisk Ultra® microSDXC™ is list-priced at $399 with availability in Q2 2015 (April – June). Are you interested in that storage at the price?

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