Withings Announces Big Updates for the Activité, Activité Pop, and Home

Withings has just made two big announcements about three of their marquee products.  First, they announced that their gorgeous Activité and Activité Pop activity tracking watches will be compatible with Android starting tomorrow, March 2nd.  And second, they announced that their Withings Home monitoring device will soon offer the option to save 30 days of video footage in the cloud.


Lets get this up front, the Activité is one of the most handsome activity tracking wearables on the market today.  Designed in France and built in Switzerland, it will now be compatible with both iPhone and Android and I expect to see a whole lot of these beautiful watches out on the street.  The Activité Pop is Withings’ more budget friendly option that maintains has a lot of the looks and functionality of the original.   One of the best features of these watches is that they both have an 8 month battery life, which means you don’t have to remember to charge it once a week.  I’d love to get my hands on one of these analogue beauties for a test drive.  The Activité is available on Withings’ website for $450 and the Activité Pop will be available in the US, online and at Best Buy starting this month, for $149.95.


Withings’ Home is an HD home monitoring camera, the first to include indoor air monitoring!  Starting on March 11th, Home users will be able to select the Cloud Video Recording (CVR) option, and roll back the clock and watch their video footage up to 30 days in the past.  CVR offers users the options to save up to 30 days of continuous footage, keep up to 30 days of home diary footage that records only the important events, and save up to 30 days of timelapse which gives a quick snapshot of an entire day.  CVR will be offered as a free option for the first few months and then be offered in two tiers:  7-day storage for $7.95/month or 30-day storage for $19.95/month.  Withings Home is available for $199.95 at Withings’ website, Amazon, Apple.com, or Best Buy.


As Withings announces these great updates to their products, you’ve got to admire them for keeping up with their products and making sure that they stay relevant into the future.  Withings is a brand with a keen eye for design that could rival Apple in the product design department.

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