Who Is Nature’s Intent, LLC, or, the Saga of the Mystery Quinoa

We were in Costco a few weeks ago, and the quinoa they were carrying was a different brand than we’ve bought in the past. We set out to find out if the new quinoa was safe for our son’s allergies, and we learned two things: Amazon and Costco are very nice, and no one can track down “Nature’s Intent, LLC“.

Who Is Nature's Intent, LLC, Or, the Saga of the Mystery Quinoa

This is the quinoa we purchased: Nature’s Intent Organic Andean Gold Quinoa. The company website is listed as natures-intent.com, but the actual site just lists as “under construction”. There’s no number on the package either. A quick Google search led me to Amazon, and when I saw that Amazon sold it, I thought I would see if Amazon knew how to reach the company, or a supplier. I spoke to a very nice rep who gave me a number for the company, but as it turns out the number she had was for a pesticide company called “Nature’s Intent”. They were also quite nice, and very apologetic, and assured me if they knew how to reach the quinoa people they would tell me, as they were pretty sick of getting calls about quinoa products they didn’t sell. I realized after I had the wrong number that there were two ways the Amazon rep had the wrong number: 1, they currently or previously sold the pesticide company’s products, or 2, the rep simply went on Google and tried her best to find me the company information. Either way, while they couldn’t get me the right number I was impressed with how fast they called me back and how nice they were (doubly so if they honestly thought I just didn’t know how to Google and politely took care of it for me!) Costco was also quite nice but equally unsure of how to reach the company. The rep I spoke to also offered to Google for me (is this a common thing that people just call customer service to handle Google for them?), but when I explained that Google wasn’t helpful, he sent a request to the buyer and asked for company information. I’m still waiting to hear back from Costco, but, again, they were incredibly nice about my request.

What disturbs me more than a little bit is that no one knows how to find this company. It’s unusual to not have a strong online presence these days, but this company takes incognito to a whole new level. Their website is under construction, and their Facebook page has not been updated since April of 2014. As far as I can tell, they don’t have a Twitter account. If it wasn’t for the fact that they have products carried in both Costco and Amazon, I wouldn’t believe they existed. Even if they’re a small place that is shy about web/social media, they have to have a number, or an email, or something … but they simply don’t have a presence anywhere. So who is Nature’s Intent, LLC? Does anyone out there know?

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  1. I was curious about the same thing – I wanted to buy the product but there were no footprints of it online so I wasnt sure. How do you like the quality ?

  2. Did you ever find out more about this company?

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