Griffin Announces the First 3rd-Party Accessory for the Apple Watch

Introducing the WatchStand


One of the first accessories announced for the Apple Watch, aptly named the WatchStand, Griffin is one of the first companies in line following Apple’s announcement to start an uptrend of gadgets for the watch, which will launch April 24th.

An elegant charging and display dock for the Apple Watch, the Watchstand will display your new wrist wear on a pedestal, and can placed anywhere due to it’s small and compact design. Imagine this beauty on your nightstand, tabletop or desktop at work for show as well as daily charging. I know I certainly would enjoy sitting my watch on this daily. Housing Apple’s MagSafe charging cable in an angled cradle, there’s never a reason NOT to charge your phone nightly, as the magnet gently snaps onto the back of the watch and charges the watch instantly.

A Dock Made For Two

The neat thing about the Watchstand is the docking feature. Most of you will have an iPhone to go with your Apple Watch, and Griffin thought of this. The weighted base of the stand has a home for your phone! The raised lip holds the phone at an angle so you can use that as a docking station for easy viewing. Coupled with a grooved post, you can easily wrap your iPhone cord around it, keeping your nightstand neat at the same time.

The Stand Sans Apple Watch


The WatchStand will be available this summer for $29.99 from the Griffin Store.

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