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April 7, 2014 • Reviews

X-Doria Rapt for iPhone: Protective Wrapping at Its Best

X-Doria Rapt for iPhone 5C

If you are looking for a thin, minimalist case that offers decent protection and doesn’t look like every other minimalist case, then the X-Doria Rapt for iPhone 5C is for you. This case is under $25, comes in three different color combinations, and it does a good job of keeping your iPhone 5C pristine. 

I was surprised by just how light the case is. The stripes across the back are not loose bands, but rather they are modeled into one single piece that has texture while offering a solid protective back. X-Doria describes the case this way:

Hard polycarbonate and soft rubber criss cross and combine to make a new super protective case from X-Doria. Rapt’s distinctive design is a combination of polycarbonate and rubber, wrapped together to form a super grippy surface across the back of your iPhone. Alternating matte and glossy textures add visual interest. Hard plastic protects your iPhone from impacts front, sides and back. Inside a soft rubber lining ensures that your iPhone never touches hard plastic. This soft lining extends to form a protective bezel, keeping your screen away from table tops and other potential scratch hazards. Volume and lock buttons are completely protected as well, yet absolutely accessible.

Gear Diary XDoria iPhone 5C 57 3

As you can see, this case matches Elana’s iPhone 5C perfect;y,  and it compliments her phone by adding additional interest and depth. Getting the phone into the case is as easy as placing the buttons in first and then pressing the rest of the phone into the Rapt until everything is seated properly.

The case’s features include:

  • Distinctive wrapped pattern adds grip and protection
  • Hard outer shell to shield against impact
  • Soft rubber interior guards against shocks and jolts
  • Raised front bezel helps protect your iPhone screen

Screenshot 2014 04 07 10 24 28

Once inside the X-Doria Rapt, the iPhone is well-protected. There is even a bit of lay-on-the-table protection offered by the case. It is enough to protect the screen but minimal enough that the screen is as close to flush with the edges of the case as possible. That means the phone is as easy to use as ever.

Gear Diary XDoria iPhone 5C 33 1

The cutouts along the bottom of the phone are large enough to allow easy open access to speaker, microphone, Lightning connector and 3.5mm headphone jack while also protecting this part of the phone.

As you can see the corners are nicely protected as well.

Elana saw this case and immediately wanted it. She’s been using a Speck CandyShell Grip since getting her iPhone 5C, and I was surprised she was considering swapping it. She loved the look and the feel of the Rapt but was surprised when, within a few minutes, she dropped the phone. That NEVER happens with the CandyShell Grip, and it was enough for her to go back to her classic favorite. That means we will be giving the review sample away so… Stay tuned.

The X-Doria Rapt for iPhone 5C is a simple case but offers plenty of visual and tactile interest. The colors pop, the design holds you attention and, at under $25, the price is right. Check out all three colors here.

MSRP: $24.99

What I Like: Simple, light and protective case; Under $25; Looks interesting and fun; Easy to put on the phone and easy to remove the phone; Adds some lay-on-the-table protection

What Needs Improvement: No included screen protector; Offers grip but still slipped out of Elana’s hands

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the X-Doria Rapt for iPhone 5C

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