It Might Be Bulletproof Also! Braven Announces the BRV-Pro

It Might Be Bulletproof Also! Braven Announces the BRV-Pro

Earlier this year, Braven debuted the BRV-Pro, the first rugged, eco-friendly bluetooth speaker at the Las Vegas CES. Known for their durability and designs, Braven released the BRV-Pro with a lot of fanfare. Sporting up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge, as well as a solar charging panel battery bank, and a lantern-like glow deck, you get the feeling this tank-like speaker is geared for outdoor enthusiasts.

Braven plans to blow the competition out of the water, literally. Sporting HD Sounds, and a powerful bass, the BRV-Pro is the first of its kind with a IPX7 waterproof design shielded by aircraft grade aluminum. The best feature about this product? The built-in 2,200mAH rechargeable battery will also charge up your phone or tablet regardless if you’re on a camping trip, or sitting out at the pool.

A Speaker? A rechargable battery? USB as well as wireless charging? Waterproof? And solar charging? How can you lose with this thing? The options are endless, and will be available the second quarter of this year starting at $149.99. Accessories listed below will range between $29.99 to $49.99.

Additional Accessories

  • BRV Battery Pack – Added 2800mAh of power for extended music and charging
  • BRV Glow Deck – LED pad doubles as a mini-lantern
  • BRV Folding Solar Panel – For all day music and charging
  • BRV Stack Plate Multiplier – Linking mechanism that allows for stacking multiple
  • BRV-PRO speakers to wirelessly multiply music
  • GoPro compatible action mount – GoPro compatible camera mount
  • Qi Wireless Charging Pad – For powering up all Qi-compatible wireless charging devices

For more information on other products check out Braven’s site.

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