Hooks Will Make Sure You NEVER Miss a Notification

Hooks is a brand new (free) app for iOS devices that is I’m sure will come QUITE in handy when (if) I get my Apple Watch in a month. Hooks main feature is to remind you of virtually anything going on, and virtually everything that you’re interested in.

Hooks Will Make Sure You NEVER Miss a Notification

From telling you when new Netflix movies arrive, upcoming holidays, your daily horoscope, any possible social media notification, even down to notifying you if there’s an earthquake.

With over 100 channels and 1M+ options to choose from, it truly is up to figure out the reminders you’d like to have. Personally I’ll be using it for their Meetup, Instagram, Temperature Drop, Shipment tracking, NFL & NBA results, and Amber alerts. And each notification can be fine tuned! If the app will end up working with the Apple Watch, I’m almost certain all of those notifications will make those 18 hours (of battery life) promised to be cut in half

I’ve already been using the app all day and it’s easily becoming a favorite of mine. That being said, if you want to make sure you’re always getting things done, or you just NEED to know the outcome of the Redskins game, download HOOKS now.

Introducing HOOKS

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