iOS 8.3 Beta Is Open to the Public! [Download]

Apple recently released a public beta for iOS 8.3 that anyone can sign up to check out. Prior to today, you had to be a part of Apple’s Beta Software Program which was open to developers only at the time. But as of today, the iOS 8.3 Beta operating system is now open to all users.

iOS 8.3 Beta Is Open to the Public! [Download]

If you’d like to try it out, you can sign up over at the Apple Seed site. After the sign up process, head to the Apple Seed site from your iOS device, log in, and enroll in the iOS public beta program, followed by a prompt to download a certificate. As soon as you finish that, the iOS 8.3 Beta update will show up in Software Update. If you do not see the option immediately, check back in a few hours, because we are sure plenty of people will be hitting the servers hard now that it’s accessible.

According to 9to5Mac there aren’t a lot of changes to this update, but it does allow support for wireless CarPlay which will be handy for those with vehicles, as well as an upgrade to the emoji keyboard.

iOS 8.3 Beta Is Open to the Public! [Download]

If you’ve done this and decided to jump back to the previous version of iOS 8, which would be 8.2, Apple included a nice tip that might help:

How do I get a shipping version of iOS back on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch?

Always back up your iOS device before installing beta software. To get a shipping release of iOS on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can simply install the final version of the software you are testing when it appears in Software Update. If you would like to go back to a previously released version, you must first erase the beta software, then re-install the latest shipping version of iOS, and finally restore from your previously saved iTunes backup.

The best method for updating beta software is through a computer, by backing up your device to iTunes before finally installing the beta.

What are you waiting for? Go download the iOS 8.3 Beta TODAYApple Beta Program

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