Ventev Penna Wallet, Toughglass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus Review

The Ventev Penna Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus is one of the nicer cases that your phone will ever try on. It’s made of soft, premium leather and has a microfiber lining to protect your screen. The wallet can provide a kickstand for your phone and has an outer wallet for personal storage. The Ventev Penna Wallet retails for $39.99.

Ventev Penna Wallet

Ventev’s Penna Wallet is finely designed and crafted, with the outer stitching color matching the inner microfiber lining. My review sample came in light grey colored leather with teal microfiber and stitching, but it also comes in Black & Camel. The front cover clips up and folds similar to one of Apple’s Smart Covers, but is not as maneuverable, which leads to some slight difficulties in getting it to stay in Kickstand mode. The front cover is also magnetized so that it can be folded in on itself and it will stay there, allowing you use of the camera while the case is open, something that I’ve had concerns about with other iPhone wallets in the past. The back of the Penna Wallet has a small pocket which can fit credit cards, IDs, or business cards.

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The back of the case is made out of leather wrapped around a hard shell that fits snuggly around my iPhone 6 Plus. There is absolutely no wiggle-room in there so my phone feels secure. The back has a cutout perfectly sized for the camera and flash as well as cutouts in the bottom for the speaker, lighting jack, and headphone jack. I was able to plug a headphone into my iPhone with no problems whatsoever. There is an opening in the case for the mute switch, but the case doesn’t leave openings in the side for the power buttons or volume buttons. This is both good and bad, while it looks nice, it’s sometimes hard to find the buttons because you can’t see them and it’s difficult to feel them through the leather.

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My only other complaints are as follows: The front cover doesn’t always lay flat. While it’s not a big deal, aesthetically, it would be nice if my phone looked completely closed rather than the flap sitting up slightly. Also, the front cover doesn’t easily fold into kickstand mode so it’s sometimes difficult to get it to stay where I want it. I realize that with more than a week of use, the front cover may become more flexible on its own after a wear-in period.  Finally, I wish there were more of a lip on the front cover that made it easier to flip open with my thumb.  These are pretty minor concerns, I realize.

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The top and bottom of your phone are semi-vulnerable if the phone is dropped, but it’s not often that phones are dropped that way. The corners, back, and sides of your phone are very well protected. This case provides excellent coverage in case of accidental falls, however there isn’t a big lip on the front so it’s possible, if the front cover swings open, that your screen may be left vulnerable.

ventev toughglass

That’s why I’m happy that I’ve also been reviewing Ventev’s toughglass for iPhone 6 Plus. This is a touchscreen glass protector that is made out of tempered glass. The toughglass is shatter-resistant and features tapered edges for a smooth feel between the phone and your screen protection. I’ve always hated screen protectors thinking that they were useless and make the touchscreen less sensitive to my touch. But the toughglass has completely changed the way I look at screen protectors. There is absolutely no loss in touch sensitivity and it feels incredibly smooth. The toughglass was even super easy to install! As soon as I aligned it with my phone and dropped it on, it pretty much attached itself and only need a few drags of my fingers across it to become fully attached.  The toughglass also comes with an alcohol pad to clean your screen before installation, as well as a microfiber cloth to ensure all dust is removed.

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My only complaint about the toughglass is that, due to the curving at the edges of the iPhone 6 Plus’ screen, you can see the bottom right corner of my toughglass is not completely secured. It’s an aesthetic-only complaint, however, and I fully endorse this toughglass screen protector. It can be purchased from Ventev for $34.99.

Overall, I’m very impressed with Ventev’s Penna Wallet and toughglass screen protector. They are perfect together and provide excellent protection against minor drops or sharp objects to the screen. I would recommend these products to anyone looking for a classy and attractive way to secure their expensive iPhones against everyday accidents.

You can purchase the Ventev Penna Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus and Ventev toughglass for iPhone 6 Plus directly from the manufacturer.

Source: The Ventev Penna Wallet and toughglass Screen Protector were provided to me as a review copy by the manufacturer.

What I Like:  Attractive design; Well made; Decent protection; Quality materials.

What Needs Improvement:  The flexibility of the front cover; Add lip on front cover to make for easier opening.

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