Moshi’s New USB Type-C Headsets Will Help You Cope with Having No Headphone Jack

If you’ve purchased a new device over the holidays, chances are it doesn’t have a headphone jack. But you’re in luck because Moshi has announced two products that not only sound better than most 3.5mm enabled headphones, but will free you from dongle life.

As you know we’re huge fans of Moshi here, so when we found out the company announced their Mythro C, an in-ear set of earbuds made of aluminum, and the Avanti C, an on-ear headset made of even better quality, we were instantly intrigued.

Both are equipped with a built-in DAC, and they also come complete with a high-resolution audio threshold (24-bit/96kHzZ) with a Class G amplifier. In shorter form — the headphones sound freakin’ amazing. The Mythro C are for the casual person on the go, from its aluminum finish, you’ll get dual 8mm neodymium drivers that will give you balanced highs and a deep bass for all of your tunes, even on the train.

While the Avanti C have a rotatable stainless steel headband that will last for years, couples by angled earcups for an ergonomic feel finished by premium vegan leather. The on-ear headphones have a bit of a higher resolution with 40mm neodymium drivers that will give a submersive sound to block out most of that noise you don’t want to hear on a commute.

Now the price? The Mythro C will only cost you $50 and is available now, while the Avanti C (available in February) will cost $200. You can get more details about them both on Moshi.

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