JustMobile AluCube Mini Review


There are some products that just make sense from the minute you see them. Within seconds you know what the product is all about and it is instantly clear why the product exists.

This is not one of those products.

No, the JustMobile AluCube Mini is one of those products that looks like nothing more than a money grab- a way to get a little more cash from people who like JustMobile’s design sense. In fact, you can almost imagine the design team sitting in a room saying “We need one more product this year… We need it to be simple but stylish… HMMMMMMM…. What if we make a little cube of metal and rubber.”

Yes, the AluCube Mini makes no sense… Until it does.


From JustMobile:

The high-style cable tidy. Just Mobile AluCube Mini is the stylish way to avoid cable chaos.

Sculpted from a seamless chunk of high-grade aluminium, AluCube Mini’s rubber-lined slot keeps your wires exactly where they’re meant to be.

Two Alucube Minis are included with every pack, along with two adhesive patches – so you can keep your desk tidy and your pockets tangle-free.


Iconic design

High-quality aluminum construction

Soft rubber recess

Two adhesive patches included

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My Take:

When I first saw this product I was scratching my head. I just didn’t see the purpose. Now the truth is, I have liked EVERY ONE of the JustMobile products I have reviewed. I thought this would be a first. To my surprise, I actually think this is an amazing product and, at least for me, it solves a very really issue.

The cubes are small, just 1.2 x 0.9 x 0.5 inch. and although they are light, just 0.6oz each, they weigh enough to serve their specific, and rather limited purpose. They keep your sync charge cables where you need the to be. And if they aren’t quite heavy enough, I have yet to find this, or you want to ensure they stay in exactly the same place all the time, the company includes a small adhesive pad that can stick AluCube Mini to any surface.

Using the cubes is quite simple. The interior rubber lining has an open spot that is just large enough for a cable the diameter of the Apple sync/charge cable to slip inside and be held tight. At the very interior of the opening is a slight narrowing of the slip that then opens once again. That can be used to “lock” a cable in place.


From there the cube holds the cable or cables in place using this cool thing called gravity. It is a clean, stylish and simple way to keep cables where you need them to be! I have one on my desk at home and one at work, and both are seeing daily use. Go figure! 🙂

You can learn more and order your own here on the JustMobile website.

MSRP: $16.95

What I Like: Small; Stylish; Gets the job done

What Needs Improvement: At first it is hard to understand why

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