New UrbanEars Accessories to Launch Later This Month

On March 24th, Swedish headphone company UrbanEars will be releasing a new group of accessories for the globetrotter, commuter and audiophile. Being released as kits, all of the products will be perfect for that night flight, or even for when you’re stuck in traffic.

New UrbanEars Accessories to Launch Later This Month

Anyone who follows Urbanears knows their ergonomic, friendly, and colorful designs, so it should be no surprise that starting next week you’ll be able to get your hands on their newest venture. First there’s the Thunderous Lightning Cable, which come in two different options: micro USB for handsets like Android or lightning port for iOS devices. This cable is designed to maximize the durability of reinforced metal shield of protection. CableLoop features bent 180 degrees, it is really good for portable, if you want to avoid cable entanglement headaches. Reinforced with a metal shield, it will be available in seven different colors: black, grey, tomato red, white, chick, jam, and mint.

New UrbanEars Accessories to Launch Later This Month

Also premiering on the same day is the Helpful phone case. Although it may look like simple, the Helpful phone case has hidden talents. Made for both the iPhone 5 & iPhone 6, it not only protects the phone, but there is also a slot for a single card.

Both accessories will be available starting March 24th in reflect stores worldwide, to you can order them directly from

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