The Scarf is the Thinnest Case for the iPhone 6/6+

For those of you who enjoy the feel of a naked iPhone, but still want a bit of protection with minimum bulk, you may be in luck. California based accessory maker Totallee has “The Scarf”, the World’s thinnest case.

The Scarf is the Thinnest Case for the iPhone 6/6+

At only 0.35 thin, and weighs less than 0.20 ounces, it’s literally the same weight as a standard piece of paper. Covering the back of your phone as well as the sides, the Scarf, made of polypropylene, will protect against scratches as well as daily wear & tear.

Totallee’s site describes their approach to designing their cases:

We believe that simplicity can be more appealing than flashiness. We believe that a case should be simple, functional and affordable. This is why we say no to funky cases. No to bulky cases. And no to hurting your piggy bank.

Our cases aren’t desperately trying try to steal the show. Our cases enjoy their supporting role. A Totallee case is there to add protection while keeping your iPhone as pure as possible. Nothing more and nothing less.

All Totallee cases offer a kind of attention to style, detail and quality that you don’t often find at our price point.
When you buy a Totallee case you get protection that is slim, deliberate and done with style.

From the looks of the case, it does a good job of not compromising the already super light iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. Although I wish there were more colors available, I would certainly purchase this. At $14.99, it’s already significantly cheaper than Apple’s cases, and have no branding all over the case which is something I love the most. Leaving the bottom exposed is an added bonus for folks who use headphones with an L-Shaped headphone jack.

The Scarf is the Thinnest Case for the iPhone 6/6+

Get the world’s thinnest case, the Totallee Scarf for iPhone 6 or 6+, for $14.99 (with free shipping).

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