Amazon Cloud Drive Goes Unlimited; Your Move, Dropbox

Oooh, Dropbox, it looks like you could be in some trouble!! Amazon Cloud Drive is hot on your heels with a new storage plan that’s not only cheap, but is intriguing enough to make most folks consider jumping ship.

Amazon Cloud Drive Goes Unlimited; Your Move, Dropbox

Amazon announced today not one, but TWO unlimited storage plans for its Amazon Cloud Drive storage service. The plan has two different focuses, but both are aimed at its competitors. The first of those is an Unlimited Photos plan that cost $11.99 a year. If you’re like me though, and store pretty much EVERYTHING in the cloud, there is an Unlimited Everything plan, that does exactly what the name suggests for $59.99 a year. On top of that, there’s a three-month trial available to see how much space you actually would need, and for what. If this doesn’t suit your fancy, there’s a $5 monthly cost, which is worthwhile if you are paying $9.99 for that 1TB over at Dropbox.

Originally, Amazon Cloud offered 5GB of storage for free as well as tiered plans that went from 20GB for $10 a year to 1TB for $500, so this step Amazon is taking is certainly in the right direction. If you want to take a look at the numbers:

Dropbox is $10 a month for 1TB, with 2GB available for free.

Google is $9.99 a month for 1TB, up to @299.99 for 30TB, but you get 15GB to start regardless of the plan.

Microsoft is $6.99 for 1TB and you get 15GB free.

Amazons new plans could be good for those photographers out there, or compulsive hoarders of everything like myself. The fact that you get a 3-month trial is pretty good as well. Me personally, I will take the 90 days Amazon gives to test, and hope that Dropbox, the service I use can come up with something to compete. There are far too many services I use that sync effortlessly with them that would deem it pretty hard to pull away. Unless of course, things change.

If you want to try it out, head over to You can also upgrade to the plan if you are current user.

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