Sling TV

Sling TV Expands Again with HBO and Updates

HBO is available through Sling TV service…now! It’s a considerate gesture before the “Game of Thrones” and “Silicon Valley” premieres on Sunday, April 12, for those Sling TV package subscribers who have the standard “Best of Live TV” at $15 per month.

Roku Announces New Smart TV Lineup with Sling TV & WatchESPN

One of my favorite devices that I use in my home is my Roku. Even though I have a Smart TV, I was actually pretty disturbed that Roku TV was not on my Sony Vizio when I purchased it. So I was surprised when I found out a lesser known (in the US) brand by the name of TCL announced they would be making Roku TVs.

Twitter Releases Periscope, Their Answer to Live-stream App Meekrat

If you haven’t heard, live-streaming is the hottest thing to do these days. With apps like Meekrat making noise in the social app world, it’s no surprise that Twitter would not have their hands in the pot. Less than two weeks ago, Twitter purchases streaming startup Periscope and has now repackaged it as their own app, available today.

Apple Reportedly Gearing Up for Online Television Service

In a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple seems to be in the talks to launch an slimmed-down online television service which would have around 25 channels with some major names like ABC, CBS, and Fox, and heavy hitter cable channels like E!, and Syfy.

Sling TV – An Interesting Glimpse at Where Online Viewing Is Headed

Sling TV is a $20 streaming video service presently viewable on Roku, iOS, Android, Mac, or PC.  Sling TV provides mostly live viewing of:  ESPN, TNT, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, and others. For many people it may be just the service that allows them to cut their cable cord for good.

Elon Musk Keynote Address at SXSW Interactive

As South by Southwest Interactive (henceforth: SXSWi) approached I found myself a bit overwhelmed by all the choices of talks, panels, hangouts, meetups, and God only knows what else.  As an Austin resident, I didn’t feel the need to over-indulge on Sixth Street’s entertainment venues — I can do it any time — so I tried to concentrate on talks and events that I though I would find interesting, and you…

unu – Tablet, Game Controller, Smart TV Dock in One, Unveiled at CES

Coming a long way from the public’s first glimpse at the device, the unu tablet has been debuted at CES.  The device, called “snakebyte eins” during its production and development, has been given a new name and a warm welcome in sunny Las Vegas at CES this year.  A pre-release version of the device is playable on the conference floor throughout CES. According to the company, Snakebyte, unu is completely…

Sling Media Brings SlingPlayer to Kindle Fire!

Sling Media, makers of the SlingBox, today announces the availability of the SlingPlayer app for the Kindle Fire. What is the SlingBox? It is a device that works with all of your various set-top boxes to: allow folks to watch their TV from wherever they are with their PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. And now, with SlingPlayer for Kindle Fire, they can bring their living room TV experience to their…

iPad Accessory Review: Pad Bracket iPad Mounting System

I recently purchased a treadmill so that I could continue running once the weather turn icy cold. I shopped around quite a bit and ended up with a rather high-end treadmill with all the bells and whistles. (Well, maybe not ALL but MOST of the bells and whistles.) Among the extra features are a built-in speaker system for your iPod or other media device that can get quite loud and…

Sling for Android Is Almost Here!

I’m in the process of deciding how to rework my home tv setup. At this point it’s a matter of when, not if, my TiVo will die…and as I’ve said before, I don’t really see the value of upgrading to another TiVo. Since I’ll be reworking my whole setup anyway, the thought crossed my mind that a Slingbox might be fun to have. Now that I’ve seen Engadget’s preview of…

Some Thoughts on the Sprint EVO 4G … From an iPhone User

I had the opportunity to spend the last evening at Sprint’s special EVO event in Manhattan. The event formally introduced Sprint’s new powerhouse smartphone the EVO 4G. I also had a chance to get a good close look at the phone, play with it for a little while, and see some of their marketing people do a number of different demonstrations with it. The short version of this post —…

HAVA Review: Live TV for PC and iPhone

When I saw the press release announcing that HAVA was coming to the iTunes App Store and that it was an application which allowed for live streaming of your home television, I was intrigued.  I like to think I’m pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the live TV options available for the iPhone but I have to admit I’d never heard of HAVA. I’m currently running both a Slingbox Solo…

Choosing an Online Dating Site

All the lonely people Where do they all come from? All the lonely people Where do they all belong? – “Eleanor Rigby”, by Paul McCartney I don’t think that anyone necessarily plans to be alone and lonely; sometimes it just happens. Perhaps it’s because they got caught up in a career race, or they live somewhere with a limited dating pool. Maybe they’ve been dating the wrong person, they’re divorced,…

Hava Gold Review

With the Hava Gold, you can watch your TV, anywhere you can get an Internet connection.  Does the Hava Gold give you what you want, or does it provide a gilded experience?  Let’s take a quick look and see how it goes… Software Installation Installing the software went about as you thought it would. However, there were a couple of interesting steps that I’d like to take you through.  Before…

The Naneu Pro Military Ops Sierra Small SLR/Laptop Bag Review

Most of the photography bags I have reviewed in the past have been very functional, but they also…hmm, how can I say this? They looked like casual bags which were camouflaging the fact that they could safely hold many thousands of dollars in equipment — which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I didn’t feel that any of them exactly stated “I’m a professional photographer, so yeah…take me seriously”….