Can’t Resist Pixel Art? New WITTI Smart lights Might Be Your Fix

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There’s no shortage of smart gadgets that are for made for everyday use nowadays. For those of you all that are looking to make your home more smartphone friendly, Hog Kong startup WITTI has released NOTTI and DOTTI, two of their interactive smart lights for Android and iPhone devices.

Can't Resist Pixel Art? New WITTI Smart lights Might Be Your Fix

The WITTI:NOTTI is the smaller, more portable of the two. A portable LED light that used color to display notifications from your phone. You can receive alerts for text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and plenty more.

WITTI:DOTTI is inspired by pixel art, and the 8-bit pixel light displays important notifications (ala the NOTTI) like Facebook and twitter, while also showcasing a space invader-like animation. The difference is the DOTTI can also function as a clock and has music visualization features.

Both smart lights are designed for home or office and feature built-in rechargeable batteries. According to WITTI, the battery will last five hours with continuous usage, or 30 days on standby.

Want one? You can purchase the NOTTI for $59.99, and the DOTTI for $79.99 from the WITTI site. Also the comparable apps are in the Google Play and App Store now for free.

Can't Resist Pixel Art? New WITTI Smart lights Might Be Your Fix

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