Keep Your Beverages Cold on the Go with the Keep-It-Cold KickStarter

Warm beer, It’s one of the worst things you can possibly show up with to a friend’s party. Now a few of you might have read an article I wrote about the Clean Cup for Beer Pong that cleans your balls, right? But you want to know what’s worse than filthy pong balls? Warm beer. You’ve got to Keep-It-Cold.

We’ve all been there. And there’s a new Kickstarter that hopes to stop this problem.


If you’re familiar with those hand warmers you buy over the counter, the Keep-It-Cold ice packs are essentially the same thing, but for beer six packs. Without the use of a freezer or ice, the packs just take a snap on the pack and the pouch instantly becomes cool enough to toss in a cooler, a six pack, or essentially anything you need to keep cool.

Created by Ryan, a young guy from Boston, the Keep-It-Cold will keep your beverages and libations cold for hours. With plans of making the product available to wrap around kegs, this is one project we can see getting off the ground and becoming a must have. Currently with a pledge goal of $8000, if you pledge of $25, you would receive 10 icepacks, and if you pledge $100 you receive 50.

If this product interests you, feel free to check it out on Kickstarter.

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