MyBat TUFF Hybrid Case for iPhone 6 Plus is an Outstanding Value

The MyBat TUFF Hybrid Case for iPhone 6 Plus provides solid protection at a fraction of the cost of other brands. These multicolored cases also come with a metal kickstand for all of your media viewing needs. The TUFF Hybrid case is part silicone and part hard plastic. Together they provide excellent protection. Best of all, these cases start at $3.95.

MyBat TUFF Hybrid Case

I received a not-so-manly, white-with-pink-accents MyBat TUFF Hybrid case as my review unit. I don’t love the colors but it could become my go-to case when heavy protection is in order. Its interior lining is made of a soft silicone material that hugs your phone while the exterior shell is made of a harder, more durable plastic. This hybrid design is intended to provide superior drop protection.

It is worth noting that the exterior case is made of two pieces that snap together for easy installation and removal.

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The front of the case has a good-sized lip that projects past the iPhone’s screen. This provides great screen protection if your phone is dropped as well as protection for those times you want to put your phone on a table screen-side-down. The case also provides silicon button protection for the power button and volume buttons. It has an opening that allows access to the mute switch; however the depth of the case makes it difficult to operate the switch without long fingernails. The case also has openings along the bottom that allow access to the headphone jack, lightning port, and speaker grill.

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The metal kickstand, although flimsy, gets the job done if you want to prop up your phone at the prime media-viewing angle.

My biggest problem with the kickstand is that it’s incredible difficult to open the kickstand without the use of a paperclip or some other object. The two parts are connected so tightly that it hurt my fingernail trying to open it.

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The biggest argument against the MyBat TUFF Hybrid case is that it is large and adds significantly to the size of your already humongous phone. The case measures in at about 6 1/2” long by 3 3/8” wide by ½” deep. While it’s not a crazy huge case, it exceeds the size that I like to be carrying around in my pocket all day.

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Overall, I think the MyBat TUFF Hybrid case is an excellent way to protect your iPhone 6 Plus and it’s an excellent value, starting at $3.95 on Amazon. If you’re not picky about the brand or size of your case, you’d do well to check out MyBat’s products on Amazon.

You can purchase the MyBat TUFF Hybrid case starting at $3.95 on Amazon.

Source: The MyBat TUFF Hybrid Case was provided to me as a review item by the manufacturer.

What I Like:  Attractive design; Provides excellent protection; Kickstand; Great Value.

What Needs Improvement:  Not a fan of the large size; Kickstand could be easier to open.

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