iPhone Case Review- iSkin revo4 for iPhone 4

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I tend to go for the most minimal of cases when it comes to protecting my iPhone. Sure this means my iDelicate cellphone is left more exposed to breakage but I just love having SOME protection while still keeping it in its gorgeous, super-model thin state. There are, however, times when it is best to pop off the thin shell and put the iPhone into something a bit more rugged. One good choice for such times is iSkin’s Special Edition revo4 for iPhone 4. It offers great bump protection while featuring a touch-through visor to protect the iPhone’s screen.

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From iSkin-

Tough Love

Designed for life with the iPhone®, revo4 features full-body, rugged protection combined with a unique snap-on screen ViSOR™ that shields it from sudden impacts. And on the new Special Edition, the revo4, the ViSOR features an innovative touch-friendly zone for answering and terminating calls.


Rugged Good Looks

revo4 and revo4 SE offer outstanding protection against drops and other hazards. Thoughtfully designed features such as an integrated charging port cover, covered home, volume and power buttons make the revo series the highly protective option.

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As is the case with all of iSkin’s iPhone cases the revo4 ships with a cleaning cloth a screen wipe and iSkin decals.

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The revo4 is a two piece case that consists of the case itself and the touch-through screen guard.

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The thick case offers a good degree of protection thanks to its somewhat thick, cushy material.

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You can certainly use the case on its own it you don’t want to use the shield although that kind of defeats the purpose of this case’s design, doesn’t it?

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So let’s talk about the visor. It easily snaps on top of the case and stays secure thanks to the built-in clips on the side. When it is in place the shield protects the two most vulnerable parts of the iPhone 4- the screen and the glass back plate.

That, however, is not where the real innovation of this case enters into the picture. This is…

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As iSkin explains,

Innovation in Screen Protection

The revo4 SE introduces a redesigned tinted screen ViSOR™ that features a unique touch-friendly zone which lets users answer and terminate calls without having to remove the ViSOR first. Durable ViSOR (Visually Intact Solid Optical Resin) snaps over the screen to offer real screen protection from impacts. The ViSOR also snaps to the back of the revo4 when it’s not being used. The innovative touch-friendly* zone lets you slide to answer a call or tap to end it.

That’s right, as you can see, even with the shield in place I was able to slide and unlock the iPhone.

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And because of the design you aren’t just able to unlock the iPhone with the screen shield in place but you can select the apps that are in your dock. That means you can, for example, quickly check your email while not exposing the screen.

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And if you don’t want to use the shield for a period of time you can snap it off and place it on the back of the iPhone. Yes, the case is designed such that the shield can clip to the front (“I’m a klutz and need screen protection” mode) or the back (“I’m using the touchscreen to play Angry Birds” mode). 🙂

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The case protects the iPhone’s volume buttons but leaves the mute toggle exposed for easy access.

Since this case fits my AT&T iPhone perfectly it is clear that this particular model of the case is for the GSM iPhone 4.

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While iSkin did leave the mute toggle exposed they sought to make sure the delicate dock connector WAS protected by the case. As they explain,

Charging Port Cover

Moisture and other impurities can enter your iPhone’s charging port and cause irreparable damage. The revo4’s integrated port cover seals and guards 24/7.

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Flip open the cover and you can easily sync or charge your iPhone.

As I noted at the beginning of this post, I’m a fan of minimalist iPhone 4 cases. This isn’t and, as such, it would not be my first choice when it comes to cases. If, however, I was looking to add a significant layer of protection to my iPhone and I wanted to do so with a bright color and not overly bulky case, this would be a case I would seriously entertain. As with all of iSkin’s products it is well made, fits great and, thanks to the unique screen shield, lets you access some basic aspects of the “wonder phone” while keeping the screen protected.

The revo4 is $44.99 and that includes the touch-friendly tinted ViSOR and an Anti-Glare Screen Film. You can order it right here on the iSkin web site.

MSRP: $44.99

What I Like: Offers good, 360 degree protection; screen shield protects the touchscreen but has a touch through area; shield easily comes off and snaps on the back for safe keeping when you are using the iPhone’s screen

What Needs Improvement: Hides the beauty of the svelte iPhone 4; Touch area is only for the dock.

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