The Google Chromebit HDMI Stick: Literally the World’s Smallest Computer

Earlier this week Google released their newest computer which is pretty much the size of their Chromecast stick, and can honestly be mistaken for a vape pen if there was no branding all over it. The name of the product is the Google Chromebit, and it’s literally the world’s smallest computer.

The Google Chromebit HDMI Stick: Literally the World's Smallest Computer

Shipping this summer, the on-the-go computer is for those who cannot afford a desktop or laptop. TheChromebit is essentially Chrome on a stick that plugs into your TV, or any HDMI-enabled display. The miniature Chromebook does not have a display, or a battery, but you’ll still get the full Chrome OS experience once you’ve plugged it up. Coming with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a Rockchip 3288 processor and supporting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, this will for sure be a gift for summer birthdays, or stocking stuffers later on this year.

The Google Chromebit HDMI Stick: Literally the World's Smallest Computer

The Chromebit is expected to cost under $100, the this will for sure be a cheap way for a college kid to ditch the effort of sitting in the library. The Roku sized streaming stick comes with two ports, one HDMI and one USB. The HDMI port is for connecting to an external display, while the USB is used for power and to connect to things like a keyboard. And obviously the Bluetooth option is there for those who want to be truly “unplugged”. Made by the company Asus, their VP of product management stated:

“Asus actually really pulled off a marvel of engineering here, squeezing everything into this size”.

The Google Chromebit HDMI Stick: Literally the World's Smallest Computer

This is a really cool device, and even though there’s only 16GB of storage, hopefully we will see that space expand in future models. The Chromebit will come in three colors when it arrives, at an undisclosed date.

Does the Chromebit look like something you’d use?

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