Loop Straitjacket iPhone 6 Case Review – Perfectly Minimal

I hate phone cases, but know for most people they are a real need – and for our kids we mandated full-protection cases when we got iPhones a few years ago. I’ve reviewed cases before, and promptly removed them! So having Loop Straitjacket STILL on my iPhone for more than two months after installing it tells me this is something special.

loop straitjacket


Here are some of the features:

  • High gloss bumper with impact resistant soft interior lining
  • Plastic Card Storage
  • Two-tone color design
  • Full access to all switches, ports, camera

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Overall Impressions

Phone cases generally have a singular job – protection. But this gets nuanced in terms of how MUCH protection, and also appearance and how much size and weight is added to the device. Based on these you end up with cases running the gamut from simple bumpers to fully immersible cases that require special audio adapters. But even within these categories there are unique features!

There are three main things that I like about the Straitjacket:

  • Simple design: The Loop Straitjacket seems like nothing, but it does everything you need, including making the slick iPhone 6 feel more secure and less likely to slip out of your hand.
  • Easy Removal: There is a fine line between ‘secure’ and ‘stuck’. I have had cases where I worried about the phone falling out, and others where I struggled to remove the case at all! The Straitjacket is a perfect balance – the phone comes out easily, yet always feels safe and secure!
  • Card storage: The simple ability to slide in a card without it feeling like you are either damaging something or risking it falling out is not a given with case designs. Straitjacket does it right.

The thing is – that tells you pretty much everything. The case looks great, is solid, minimal, easy to use, and will get comments about how cool it looks.


When I pulled it from the package, it was immediately obvious how to install my phone. So I did. Then I removed it easily. Then re-installed it. I tried sliding a card into the back – and honestly that was the only time I ever did that because it is still cold where I live so carrying a wallet is easy. But once summer rolls around I could definitely envision slipping in my license and debit card and just going!

A few weeks after getting the Straitjacket I got an iPhone 6 Plus and handed down my iPhone 6 to my wife. She had already remarked about how much she loved the looks of the case, so was happy that it was staying on the phone. She hasn’t removed it once, and still remarks how she likes the appearance. Well, that isn’t quite true, I made sure she knew how to install and remove the phone and how to use the card holder.

The Loop Straitjacket is one of those accessories that stands out by not standing out. It does exactly what it is designed to do without being fussy or loud or obtrusive. It won’t make your phone waterproof or immune from damage – that isn’t the design. It is meant to help protect your iPhone while keeping a minimal profile … and it works beautifully.

MSRP: $34.95 at Amazon.com

What I Like: Great design; solid quality; easy to utilize card holding capability; easy to install and remove phone in case; great protection for the small footprint; attractive protection

What Needs Improvement: Nothing … well, I would love one on my iPhone 6 Plus!


Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

Check out my video of the simple installation of the Loop Straitjacket:

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