The Greatest Use for a Smartphone Camera for New Parents

The Greatest Use for a Smartphone Camera for New Parents

Sarah and I are adjusting to being new parents, and it is definitely a major change. From the sleepless nights to the diaper duty, we are making a few rookie mistakes and having a good time trying our best. Luckily, our son seems to grasp that we’re all winging it a bit, and we’re hoping to get some sleep sometime in 2014. In the meantime, we’ve come up with a use for our smartphone cameras that make our lives infinitely easier, and it’s not just playing paparazzi every time our baby does something remotely cute.

See, often our son prefers to fall asleep in someone’s arms. It’s awesome, and we love it, but then there’s a dilemma – how do you know when he’s asleep enough to move to his bassinet? Too soon, and he’s awake and fussing. Too late, and he wakes upset because the comfy shoulder he was on is gone. When he’s facing inwards and you can see his eyes closing, it’s easy to time when to put him down. But if he’s facing away from whoever is holding him, and the other person is sleeping or out of the room and can’t check him for you, it’s much trickier.

Enter the smartphone camera. We just flip the camera setting to front facing, hold it up to the little one, and we get a quick view of whether his eyes are squinty, wide awake, or shut tight for snoozing. My parents suggested using a mirror, but this 21st century style trick works AND makes us feel like ninja parents! Plus while we don’t have mirrors everywhere, we do have smartphones or an iPad handy.

Have you discovered any cool little tricks to use technology for baby care? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Well, the technology we had that was new when our kids were born is now totally antiquated … Heck, at that point cell phones and baby monitors interfered and we used to hear the conversations between the woman down the street and her friends talking about their teenagers … Make our boys look like angels in comparison!

  2. We haven’t even had to use a monitor yet. Sarah had some trouble with the stairs, so we were all sleeping downstairs. And even upstairs, it’s only like three steps from our bedroom to the baby’s (you’ve seen our house!)
    I do not want to know what my neighbors say about their kids…I am sure it would be entertaining though!
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