Bayan Audio soundbook GO Sounds Great on the Go and at Home

The portable Bluetooth speaker market has exploded in recent years and it is more and more difficult to stand out in such a crowded field. Bayan Audio has found a way to do just that with the soundbook GO, however. This small speaker sounds great, has a built-in stand that doubles as a cover and is under $140!

The speaker even includes NFC pairing. That means that, for under $140, you can get a powerful, full-featured Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t cut corners even though it has a cut-down price.

Bayan Audio soundbook GO


I didn’t know what to expect from a speaker that is pretty much budget-priced. And while I had previously checked out some of Bayan Audio’s offerings I didn’t think I could be impressed by the affordable soundbook GO. I was… and I am.

The speaker is fairly small in size but it serves up sound that won’t leave you wanting. Sure, this isn’t a huge, priced speaker that will blow the roof off whatever room you are in but, considering its small size, it more than delivers. I am, in fact, listening to it while writing this review, and I am more than pleased with the sound it delivers.


The soundbook GO is available in a variety of bright colors. Each, in my opinion, looks fantastic. I must, however, admit that I’m partial to the red review sample we were sent. It looks bright and makes a nice statement.

Here’s what the company has to say about the speaker: 

Soundbook GO is our ultra compact wireless speaker that is designed to help you enjoy expansive sound wherever you travel. It can be connected simply in seconds via Bluetooth or NFC and its design and dimensions make it perfect for slipping in a bag or suitcase so you can enjoy your music anywhere for up to nine hours
Designed with added bass, Soundbook GO produces a rich, balanced sound whether you’re enjoying dance tracks at a beach party or acoustic tracks at a summer picnic. Available in four contemporary colours, Soundbook GO is the perfect travel companion to help you experience your music wherever you are. 

Bayan Audio is positioning the speaker based upon three main factors.

  • Portability: GO has an anti-slip, travel friendly smart cover for added protection and conveniently switches the product on when opened and off automatically when closed, saving battery life when out and about. The compact size and weight makes Soundbook GO perfect for slipping into a bag, so music can be enjoyed anywhere, and the built in microphone allows you to answer your phone if a call comes in, so you wont miss any calls from your friends whilst you’re enjoying your music.
  • Design: GO has the clean, contemporary design which all Bayan Audio products offer and the one-touch auto pairing from any NFC-enabled device makes connecting to Soundbook GO fast and simple so you can enjoy your music more quickly. The protective anti-slip smart cover automatically turns the Soundbook GO on or off when opened or closed and it is available in four contemporary colours.
  • Sound: GO defies its lightweight size with a remarkable 15W stereo power, achieving a subtle balance between a smooth, defined bass, pronounced vocal range and detailed high crisp notes.

I would agree it delivers nicely on all three fronts. If you are looking for something that doesn’t sound like it is just one step up from the speaker on your smartphone, it is as portable a speaker as you will find. It looks great, and the built-in stand/cover is ingenious. Best of all, the sound will make your ears more than happy!


  • Enjoy up to 9 hours of wireless music
  • Simple pairing in seconds with Smart Bluetooth v4.0
  • Dynamic bass
  • NFC connection for super quick pairing with a supported Smartphone or tablet
  • Ultra compact at 480g
  • Micro USB to charge directly from a laptop or most Smartphone chargers
  • Encased in an anti-slip, travel friendly smart cover – turns on when opened, off when closed
  • Available in Black, Red, Blue or White
  • Built in microphone for hands-free conference calling
Here a Video Look at the Bayan Audio soundbook GO:

I’m more than pleased and quite impressed with the speaker. The design makes it easy to carry, the battery life is more than enough, and the sound is better than I would expect from something this size and at this price. I’m quite happy with this, and I will be passing this cool little speaker to a dear friend who is looking for a small speaker that is really good. This totally fits the bill.

Bayan Audio soundbook GO

You can learn more about all Bayan Audio products here on the company website; you can order your own here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Bayan Audio soundbook GO

What I Like: Small in size, big on sound; Great specs for the price; NFC in a budget speaker; Cover is also the stand

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, I’m pleased with the product and you will be too


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