Sonos Roam 2 Review: Convenient Bluetooth, WiFi and Apple Airplay 2 Integration in a Truly Portable Speaker

The Lowdown

If you’re looking for a portable speaker that doesn’t compromise on quality and offers the flexibility of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Sonos Roam 2 should be at the top of your list.



Small but packs a punch

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay 2

Integrates perfectly into your home’s existing  Sonos system

IP67 dust and water resistance

10 hours of battery life

Sounds great


Sonos consistently sets the bar high with its innovative, high-quality multi-room speakers. As an avid user of Sonos products, I’ve integrated their speakers into my home, leveraging their seamless connectivity and superior sound quality in every room. Their latest offering, the $179 Sonos Roam 2, is a portable speaker option that allows you to have Sonos sound just about anywhere.

Sonos Roam 2 in retail box.

This portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker delivers the Sonos experience at home but is also compact and travel-friendly when I head out. Don’t let the Sonos Roam 2 Speaker’s small size fool you, though; it sounds great.

Sonos Roam 2 Speaker

TheRoam 2 is a testament to the brand’s commitment to design and functionality. True to its name, this second-generation model retains its predecessor’s sleek, minimalist aesthetics while boasting significant enhancements under the hood.

Person carrying a Sonos Roam 2 Speaker on the back of their pack.

Weighing in at less than a pound and small enough to fit in a backpack or large pocket, the Sonos Roam 2 is designed for mobility without compromising sound quality.

The speaker’s build is robust, weather-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing, with a simple design and clean lines; all that combines to make this a durable companion for outdoor adventures and a stylish addition to any room.

While the Roam 2 makes a great addition to any home with a Sonos system, it is also a great way to experience Sonos without a major investment.

USB-C port, power button, and Bluetooth button on the back of the Sonos Roam 2

One of the standout features of the Sonos Roam 2 is its dual connectivity options—it offers both Bluetooth and Wi-Fii. This dual functionality ensures uninterrupted music streaming at home, seamlessly integrating with your existing Sonos system or on the go using Bluetooth.

Additionally, the Roam 2 supports AirPlay 2, allowing effortless streaming from Apple devices. This level of flexibility is one of the things that makes Sonos great, and the inclusion of Bluetooth and the ability to run the speaker off the internal battery make it the most flexible Sonos speaker I’ve tried.

The end of the Sonos Roam 2 has integrated volume, mic, and play/pause buttons.

Despite its diminutive size, the Sonos Roam 2 packs a punch regarding sound. That’s unsurprising, considering Sonos’ commitment to audio quality and multiroom prowess.

Photo showing the parts of the Sonos Roam 2

The speaker delivers rich, crisp, vibrant audio that belies its compact form. Thanks to the inclusion of automatic Trueplay tuning, the speaker’s output is adjusted based on the environment’s acoustics, delivering a consistently excellent listening experience.

The Sonos Roam 2 is available in Olive, White, Wave, Black, and Sunset.

Portability often comes with the trade-off of frequent charging, but the Roam 2 doesn’t disappoint. It offers a solid 10-hour battery life that ensures you have a reliable audio companion throughout the day. Whether heading out for a day trip or hosting an outdoor gathering, the Roam 2 can keep the music playing without constantly tethering you to a charging cable.

Using the Sonos app.

As someone who already owns multiple Sonos speakers, I love that the Roam 2 integrates seamlessly with my existing setup. It connects effortlessly to my system at home, allowing me to play synchronized music across different rooms or zones.

The ease of adding it to my network and controlling it via the Sonos app enhances the overall user experience, making it an ideal addition for current Sonos users.

Apple music playing over the Sonos Roam 2

This integration was also key to making setup a breeze. I turned on the speaker, fired up the Sonos app on my iPhone, and tapped “Add a device.”

Stock photo of a man using the Sonos app on his iPhone.

The app then walked me through the process, and before I knew it, the speaker was integrated into my home audio system.

The Sonos Roam 2

When compared to other portable speakers on the market, the Sonos Roam 2 stands out for several reasons:

Accessibility to Sonos Ecosystem: If you’re considering entering the Sonos ecosystem, the Roam 2 is an accessible and affordable starting point. It offers the high-quality audio Sonos is known for, along with the flexibility of a portable speaker.

In addition, since Sonos integrates with countless music streaming services, you can access almost all the music in the world. I’m steeped in Apple’s ecosystem, so Apple Music is my go-to for audio, but you can also select from services like Spotify, Amazon Music, and more.

Seamless Integration: The Roam 2 is a no-brainer for existing Sonos users. Its ability to connect with your home network and other Sonos devices while offering Bluetooth connectivity for on-the-go use sets it apart from many competitors.

Sound Quality and Features: While many portable speakers are available, few offer the combination of Trueplay tuning, robust battery life, and dual connectivity that the Roam 2 does. It brings a level of sophistication and performance that often requires a higher price point than other brands.

Sonos Roam 2 by the pool

The Sonos Roam 2 offers IP67 dust and water resistance.

The Sonos Roam 2 provides a versatile and high-quality audio solution. It is great for home use, but it is also ideal for backyard afternoons and, thanks to its small size, travel.

Its blend of portability, powerful sound, and seamless integration with the Sonos ecosystem makes it a compelling choice for new and existing Sonos users.

If you’re looking for a portable speaker that doesn’t compromise on quality and offers the flexibility of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Sonos Roam 2 should be at the top of your list.

If you are new to Sonos, be prepared to purchase more products from the company. You’ll love their approach and audio quality and quickly want Sonos in every room. That’s a pricey prospect, but as someone who has purchased numerous Sonos products, I can promise it is worth it.

There are cheaper Bluetooth speakers than the $179 Roam 2, but none offer the features or Sonos integration you’ll get with the Roam 2. I’m a huge fan of this speaker and think you will be, too.

The Sonos Roam 2 sells for $179; it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Sonos Roam 2

What I Like: Small but packs a punch; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay 2; Integrates perfectly into your home’s existing Sonos system; IP67 dust and water resistance; 10 hours of battery life; Sounds great

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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