Synology Announces New DS1515 and RS815 Network Attached Storage Devices

On Tuesday, Synology announced the launch of two new NAS systems: the DS1515 for home and business and the rack mount RS815 for businesses. The DS1515 is a 5-bay system with a quad-core processor and the RS815 sports 4 bays and is only 12” deep. The DS1515 and the RS815 are available now for $649.99 and $599.99 respectively.

Synology DS1515

In addition to the 5 hard drive bays and quad-core processor, the DS1515 sports four bult-in Gigabit LAN ports for increased performance and availability. The DS1515 is the first 5-bay Network Attached Storage system from Synology in their value series with a quad-core processor, hardware encryption engine, and four LAN ports that can deliver link aggregation for high availability to minimize downtime.

Synology RS815

The rack-mountable RS815 has 4 hard drive bays and is scalable for up to 48TB of storage. Its two-post installation allows for easy installation and removal for small businesses with little space and large storage needs. The RS815 can also be used by home theater enthusiasts who want to centralize their multimedia into one system that can be accessed within the house or remotely.

The hard drive bays in both the DS1515 and the RS815 are hot-swappable, allowing users to quickly and easily manage their RAID storage solution. Both NAS systems also come with Synology’s fantastic DSM (DiskStation Manager) Operating System, which is the best looking and simplest NAS Operating System I’ve ever used.

Synology DS1515back

“The DS1515 and RS815 offer excellent value for growing companies that need easy scalability, with on-the-fly plug and play expansions,” said Synology Product Marketing Manager Jason Bonoan. “Plus, work groups can use these NAS with Cloud Station and sync their files when they are on the go.”

Synology RS815back

If you’re in the market for a new Network Attached Storage for your home office, business, or for personal use, Synology has just given you two new great new options to think about.  Check out Synology’s website for more information on their products as well as their DiskStation Operating System. I’ve been using their NAS products for years and have zero complaints.

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