Charge Your Gadgets Using Only Salt Water with the JAQ

We’ve all been there, not having enough fuel for our phones. You may be in the right place at the wrong time with 10% battery, and have no outlet to plug your phone up. What do you do?


“We have created the world’s most powerful fuel cell that’s actually portable,” says CEO, Bjorn Westerholm.

Bjorn is actually the CEO of the company MyFC AB which announced their newest product, the JAQ, which is a product from Sweden that gives you the innovative way to charge your phone using fuel cells filled with water and salts. In its second release, the JAQ is a pocket-friendly metal pouch using a simple, credit card-sized cartridge. This is truly something that can be ideal for everyday, on-the-go living.


Announced at the GSMA Mobile World Congress earlier this year, the JAQ is designed to give a full cellphone or mobile charge without having to physically charge the Jaq itself.

“Mobile accessibility is critical for everyone and the demand for charging solutions for mobile phones, tablets, and cameras is increasing,” says Westerholm. “The dramatic reduction of the size of both the fuel and charger allows for JAQ to be slimmer; it easily fits inside a jacket pocket, for example. This truly makes energy available whenever you need it.”

The MyFC JAQ on a single cartridge produces a 2400mAh of power, which is enough to charge an iPhone 6 completely. However, once the cartridge is inserter in the JAQ sleeve, users only have an hour or two to charge their phone before the reaction dies out, which is very different for those who are familiar with the normal battery pack method.


Expected to ship later this year, the starter pack of the JAQ comes complete with one sleeve, five fuel cells, and a charging cable.

For more information go to MyFC Jaq’s Site.

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