Totallee’s Scarf Case for iPhone 6 Plus Is BARELY There

I’ve been through plenty of cases, but one thing that I always look for is the minimalism. There’s so many options; waterproof, shock-protection, you name it. But one that honestly intrigued me, the guy who wants ultimate protection, is labeled the “thinnest”. And I like it.
At only 0.355mm thin (yes, it’s truly that thin), Totallee’s Scarf Case for the iPhone 6 Plus is actually lighter, thinner, and more comfortable to hold in my hand than even Apple’s Leather case. It’s made of polypropylene, which is a flexible material that means even though it’s virtually as thin as your fingernail, it can still be damaged if handled wrong.
Totallee’s Scarf Case for iPhone 6 Plus is BARELY There
The camera cutout for the Scarf, being as the case is so thin a lot of people worried if the iPhone 6’s camera lens would be exposed, is not at all. And since the case is as thin as it is, there will be no camera glare.
Totallee’s Scarf Case for iPhone 6 Plus is BARELY There
Let’s start with the bad first. The Scarf case will NOT protect your phone from a 6 foot drop. Or a 4 foot one for that matter. It’s honestly one of those cases that are there for show, and to maybe protect your phone from a scuff or having the top and sides bruised from throwing in your pocket. With the bottom exposed (which is still one thing I hate) many people love this because it allows you to dock your phone. I’m of the mindset if you’re going to cover the phone, cover the entire thing. The fact that it doesn’t cover the side buttons is not surprising, but I can at least understand that. The only other thing is the front of the case doesn’t fully protect the bezel on the front lip.
Totallee’s Scarf Case for iPhone 6 Plus is BARELY There
But then there’s so much good to the case. The iPhone 6 Plus is already a beautiful phone to the point you don’t really want to put a case on it. So there’s a happy medium for us that do. The Scarf. It’s so thin, it’s essentially a thin wrapper for your phone, and everything they tell you on their site, is exactly what they mean. The case is translucent as well so you can see subtle design features of the iPhone including the infamous Apple logo branding and the antenna bands.
Totallee’s Scarf Case for iPhone 6 Plus is BARELY There
The texture on the back of the Scarf is pretty dope as well. I like the fact it’s not completely smooth but it’s also not super rugged. Having slight grip makes it nice for a minimalistic case. The case comes in gold, white, and light grey so there is pretty much an option for all of the color options for the iPhone 6/6 Plus.
Totallee’s Scarf Case for iPhone 6 Plus is BARELY There
Overall with the Scarf, I really enjoy the fact it’s virtually paper thin, and doesn’t take away the beauty of the phone. And it’s LESS than $20 which is more than affordable.
You can purchase the Scarf from Totallee’s site for $14.99. Also you can buy it from Amazon for the same price.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: The case is the thinnest on the market and does not take away the overall sexiness of my iPhone 6+

What Needs Improvement: Maybe there could be a bit more protection around the cameras edge in case you put your phone on a flat surface? Also, make a model that covers the bottom of the phone.

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