Stikey Is the Multi-Tool for Your SmartPhone

I watch a lot of movies and television on my phone. Even more so, my phone sits at my desk at work flat, and sometimes it’d hard to actually see when a notification comes in. So when I saw a KickStarter for Stikey, a new portable stand and keyring for your keys, I was amused.

Stikey is a portable magnetic stand for your smartphone that works both in portrait and landscape modes. Created by Meletis Michelakakis, it even doubles as a cable organizer for your iPhone or Android charger cable. This is great for someone like me who doesn’t like those bulky “kickstand” cases on the market. And I’ve had moments where I’ve been trying to watch something at my desk and had to wedge my phone between a stapler and some else just to have it be viewable.

Stikey keychain


“Stikey is a portable and versatile smartphone accessory. While designing Stikey it was clear to us that in order for it to be truly versatile it had to be always at hand and our keys are the only thing that we never leave behind”


Stikey landscape stand

Everything about this project is eco-friendly, down to the packaging, which can be used along with the actual Stikey as the base of the packaging attaches to all flat surfaces and can be used as a magnetic mount. This means you can make your phone sit on your refrigerator if you need to make a grocery list, or anything of that nature.

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Stikey attaches to the user’s keychain so that it’s always ready to use when on the go as well, which is ideal for me since even though I have a host of keys, I won’t forget the actual stand myself.

Stikey magnetic mount board

“We think of packaging as not only a way of attracting more buyers, but also as a means of adding value to the user by completing the product it carries”

Stikey is versatile – Stikey is designed to enhance the smartphone experience by focusing on more than one of its aspects. Stikey is a portable landscape and portrait stand as well as a cable tidy solution.

Stikey is ultra portable – We did not want to design a versatile product that is easily left behind or forgotten in a drawer, so Stikey attaches to the user’s keychain so that is always available when he needs it.

Green packaging – We designed the packaging so that part of it can be used along with the product in order to reduce waste.Once opened, the packaging base attaches to all flat surfaces and can be used as a magnetic mount.

The funding goal on Kickstarter will be £12.000 ($18.000). With a $10 pledge, you will get one Stikey and a mount, if you’re one of the first 100 backers. After the first 100 are sold, it’s only $12 to donate but you receive the same incentives, with shipment of the Stikey in September.

To go fund the Stikey, click here now.

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