Tech Armor Has Your Dad, Grad, and Summer Covered

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Tech Armor Has Your Dad, Grad, and Summer Covered Listen to this article

The season for grads, Dads and summer getaways is quickly upon us. Many will be receiving or purchasing new phones and smart devices and as with all new electronics we must remember to think device protection. Tech Armor would like you to keep this in mind and they sent along a little kit that is ideal for this season.

Tech Armor Has Your Dad, Grad, and Summer Covered

Tech Armor Kit/Images by David Goodspeed

Tech Armor offers accessories for all of the latest smart devices and tablets. The kit they sent GearDiary includes the newest Active Series case for my iPhone 6 along with HD Clear Ballistic Glass screen protector, HD Clear Screen Protector, and the coolest lightning cable available – the Apple certified 6 ft. Braided Lightning cable.

Tech Armor Has Your Dad, Grad, and Summer Covered

Active Series Case

While I am not a big fan of light-colored cases, the new gray and white Active Series proved me wrong when I raised concerns about the white back staining easily. I work daily around things that can tend to show grime and staining on some lighter-colored items as I always have my iPhone 6 with me no matter the situation. Dust and dirt has not been a problem and I even wiped some red wine on the rear of the cover and it left absolutely no stain (and I did not cheat by using Oxyclean or any other product). Kudos to Tech Armor for the anti-grime properties of the new Active Series Case.

Tech Armor Has Your Dad, Grad, and Summer Covered

The case itself is minimalistic in design with a slight lip to overlap the front side of your device for added protection. It is comfortable in the hand and is relatively slip-resistant. A photo shoot in drizzle this morning proved to show no slipping of the case in my damp hands. The Active Series Case offers ample opening around areas of the phone needing no impediment, and slight button covers on the sides make operation of power and volume easy and confident.

The plastic case itself is lightweight for those concerned about any added heft and a cutout on the rear of the case will make Apple happy as its logo is in plain view.

The Active Series Case is available from Tech Armor for $19.95 and comes with free domestic shipping and lifetime replacement warranty. It is available in several color combinations and allows use of all Tech Armor screen protectors. It snaps on easily and securely and is fingerprint and scratch resistant.

Tech Armor Has Your Dad, Grad, and Summer Covered

HD Clear Ballistic Glass

OK, while not actually “bulletproof” the new HD Clear Ballistic Glass from Tech Armor is a strong screen protector that offers the companies best protection from drops, scratches, and smudges while allowing great screen clarity and touch accuracy, and is offered with a hassle-free lifetime warranty. This is affordable, first line of defense for that delicate smart device screen.

Tech Armor Has Your Dad, Grad, and Summer Covered

The Tech Armor HD Ballistic Glass offers 9H screen hardness protection and features a tapered edge to prevent chipping or cracking. It applies easily and the package comes with microfiber cleaning cloth and alcohol wipe as well as dust removal tape. Installation is a breeze and one screen is all you need to protect your phone as long as you keep it.

The HD Clear Ballistic Glass is available from Tech Armor for $10.95 and comes with free shipping and lifetime replacement warranty.

Tech Armor Has Your Dad, Grad, and Summer Covered

HD Clear Screen Protector

For those not wishing to have the thickness of the Ballistic Glass, Tech Armor also offers 8H protection in the form of the HD Clear Screen Protector that arrives in a three-pack and at the bargain price of $6.95. They are crystal clear and offer great smudge and scratch resistance while also minimizing fingerprints. Not exactly sure why the HD Clear is offered in a three-pack only when it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty but at this price you can afford to outfit your friends or family too.

Tech Armor Has Your Dad, Grad, and Summer Covered

Apple Certified Braided 6 ft. Lightning Cable

The biggest surprise in the Tech Armor package was this six-foot long lightning cable. I have never seen a device cable this long yet and was skeptical at first about its reliability. The cable cover is braided for added strength and flexibility and yes, it will charge your device at home or on the road in your vehicle.

The cable features Apple’s lightning connector on one end and standard USB plug on the other. It is compatible with all lightning equipped devices, is available with free shipping, and features a lifetime replacement warranty. This is a cool accessory and in my opinion a must-have item, not to mention a real bargain at just $14.95.

Tech Armor Has Your Dad, Grad, and Summer Covered

So whether Dad or your new grad is getting a new phone this season or you are starting to put together the items for the upcoming vacation getaway, remember those devices will need protection not only from their users but also from the elements, and for that, Tech Armor has you covered.

Tech Armor Has Your Dad, Grad, and Summer Covered

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