Samson Meteor M2 Speaker Review

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I recently finished my home bar and began searching for some small speakers to play through my laptop or iPad. The opportunity to review the Samson Meteor M2 speakers came about so I jumped on it. The $149.99 Samson Meteor M2 speaker combines an old school design style with great sound perfect for desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Like I stated above, I recently was in need of some small speakers for use with my MacBook Air and also to be used in my home bar with my iPad. I was not really interested in a 2.1 system or anything very large, just simply something small but with large sound. Finding something that fit the bill that also looked cool in the bar was just a bonus.

Samson Meteor M2 Speaker Review

The Samson Meteor M2 speakers are small, desktop speakers with a cool, classic design. The look reminds me of old microphones and look great on the desk or sitting at my bar. While small, the 2.5″ drivers and rear-ported passive radiators promise big sound. The cases are made out of Zinc die cast and are heavy and rugged. The fit and finish is awesome.

Samson Meteor M2 Speaker Review

The Meteor M2 speakers come with a speaker cable to connect the passive and active channels as well as an 1/8″ aux cord to connect to a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. The side of the active speaker includes a power button and volume rockers. One thing I really like about these speakers is the fact that they go to sleep after a time of non-use and will automatically wake up when an audio signal is reintroduced. There is no reason to power them down after each use. The speakers stand 5.5″ tall 4.5″ deep and 2.75″ wide. Do not let the compact size fool you, the Meteor M2 speakers have big sound.

Samson Meteor M2 Speaker Review

The speakers have heavy duty construction, made with nice materials, are small and compact, and have a cool classic design. All of this is great, but means nothing without awesome sound. I always put speakers through a series of test listening to a variety of sources. Rock, country, rap, and spoken word have to all sound great for me to use a set of speakers. After putting the Meteor M2 speakers through their paces, I was thoroughly impressed. While the speakers do not produce ground rumbling bass, the low end was surprisingly good considering there is no added subwoofer. I found the highs to be crisp and clean and the midrange and voices to be clear and not overpowering. All in all, these speakers perform extremely well for a small 2.0 product.

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Samson Meteor M2 Speaker Review

If you are looking for a high quality option for small desktop speakers, the Samson Meteor M2 is a great option. The high quality construction, cool design, and appearance mixed with huge sound make these speakers perfect for computer use as well as audio in a small room. I have used the speakers with both my MacBook Air as well as on my home bar and really love the sound and look. For $149.99 you can obtain high quality sound and stay small and compact.

Samson Meteor M2 Speaker Review

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample.

MSRP: $149.99

What I like: Retro design, big sound in a small package.

What can be improved: I would love a rechargeable bluetooth version of these to take with me all summer.

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